Term formation in English, German and Russian logistics terminology

Systematization of the main ways of translating the meanings of the verb can into Russian. Means of lexicalization of modal trajectories of the verb can in the Russian language, cross-linguistic comparison of modal values with his "translateme".

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  • Modal auxiliary verbs. To uses the verb "to be" as a main verb. The main verb. Possibility and Ability. Infinitive without "to". An auxiliary verb, a modal auxiliary verb. A real question. The main uses of Education and verbs in the English language.

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  • Providing some examples of literate establishment of a verb in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple. Methods for producing sentences in the present tense. Еxample of language means speech for English-Russian and Russian-English text translations.

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  • Kinds of modality (deontic and epistemic) and the problem of it in Modern English. The use of the modal verbs in the meaning of supposition, such as: can, could, may, might, will and would. Various degrees of certainty about a fact or an event.

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  • General issues, history, grammar (finite verb forms, causative constructions etc.), semantic (translating realia and terms) and pragmatic (functional styles, etc) problems of translation. Russian-English and Russian-English-Chinese Transliteration Chart.

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  • Linguistic features of the vowels and consonants in the German language. Historical background, peculiarities of ancient and modern Germanic languages. Phonetic processes in old English, the great vowel shift. Grammatical categories of English verb.

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  • The verb in the English language. Three moods in the Russian and English languages. The Indicative, Subjunctive, Imperative Mood as a grammatical form of the verb. Grammatical Mood in English. The main cases of the use of the Subjunctive Mood in English.

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  • The role of endings in combination with prepositions in modern English. The noun in common case with different prepositions. The combining preposition of the English verb and corresponding equivalent one verb in the Russian language, its meaning.

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  • The moral values and ways of their representation in Russian and English fairy tales. The language interpretation of such moral values as good, diligence, wisdom and the system of seniority. A difference in the range of development of the nation.

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  • The most common forms and functions of modal verbs in english. The explanation of the absence of the s-inflexion in the verbs "will" and "ought". Features of using adjective "can" in questions about possibility and in statements about impossibility.

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  • The results of a full-scale interview with Russian language teachers that teach Russian as a foreign language at the preparatory departments at multinational universities. The psychological, linguistic features that are typical for the Russian language.

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