Models of decision-making support on local energy conversion systems

The problem of fuzzy multicriterial analysis of local energy conversion systems. Construction of training samples for artificial neural networks. Application of multiagent calculating models. Transition from vectorial criterion to a scalar combination.

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  • Characteristics of an automated traffic management system based on the use of neural networks. Description of the mathematical model of the intersection. The strategy of motion control using a neurocontroller, based on the multilayer perceptron.

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  • Consideration of the characteristics of semantic modeling. Analysis of passivity-based switching control for stabilization of wheeled mobile robots. Features optimal kinodynamic motion planning for 2D reconfiguration of self-reconfigurable robots.

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  • Algorithm for determination of transfer function models for transient processes from noisy data with continued fraction approximations is proposed. Presented method allows to solve the stability problem of low-order continued fraction approximations.

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  • The optimization procedure in computer-aided design problem. The methodic of optimal weight coefficients values choice. The use of structural models in the form of tables and morphological trees of quality variants of the signs of aerial vehicles.

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  • Application and classification of construction materials. Definition of key indicators affecting the choice of material. Alloys based on copper and aluminum. Properties, applications and benefits of innovative materials, thermosetting plastics, ceramics.

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  • Types of the combined mechanisms of simultaneous turning and folding blades, which can be stabilized the frequency of rotation of horizontal-axis wind turbines. Analysis of the dependence of the adjusting movement of the slide from rotation angles.

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  • Категории задач, для решения которых чаще всего применяются САЕ (computer aided engineering) системы. Архитектура и принцип работы стандартного САЕ-пакета, основные примеры систем: Salome, ANSYS (Swanson Analysis Systems) и MSC.Nastran, их характеристики.

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  • Improving the method of dynamic analysis of mechanical systems dynamic factors dynamic model which can be represented by three-mass system of row with the first driving mass with prestressing elastic drive connections. Finding the dynamic coefficients.

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  • Description the current state of the use of natural artificial sweeteners, especially glucose-fructose syrup in the food industry. Methods of determination of the consistency of experimental samples by the method of gravitational penetration is describe.

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  • Печать на 3D-принтере автомобиля компании Local Motors. Графеновый детектор электромагнитного излучения. Беспроводной микроконтроллер для работы с гаджетами. Использование реактивной тяги в ранце "джетпак". Мужской контрацептивный препарат Vasalgel.

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