Models of decision-making support on local energy conversion systems

The problem of fuzzy multicriterial analysis of local energy conversion systems. Construction of training samples for artificial neural networks. Application of multiagent calculating models. Transition from vectorial criterion to a scalar combination.

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  • Features of the application of methods for monitoring the state of the wooden structure in the production flow. Ways to optimize the prediction of wood properties using various NDE methods. The combination of methods for effective quality control of wood.

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  • Improving matching techniques constructional and technological parameters of the installation with the modes of its work taking into account the features of the resonator. The changes in the dielectric parameters of raw material during the heat treatment.

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  • Models which adequately combine technological parameters with indicators of treatment quality have been designed for the cavitation cleaning processes of sewage from organic admixtures. Water of industry and public water use it is considered as sewage.

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  • Finding a potential energy curves for a number of excited states and BrO- HOBr during photodissociation reactions that correlate with the lower limits dissociation. Determining that the singlet state ion is a predissociative for vibration levels.

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  • Technological parameters (thermal loss, cooking time, etc.) grilling the second meat dishes. Use marinades based on vegetable oil and vinegar as the most common. The composition of the marinade with yogurt and kiwi. The energy value of ready meals.

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  • Analysis of the overall stiffness range of most plastics in combination with common efforts to use the thinnest wall thickness possible. Dependence of plastics processing processes on tool quality and process parameters. Basic design considerations.

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  • Dynamic designer as a way to save time and cost of getting new products to market, and improving old ones without a huge investment in equipment. Using parametric solid models for to develop the form of the parts. Mechanical desktop to build prototypes.

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  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of electronic test during verification of the direction and power of electric switches connecting or disconnecting the circuit when certain conditions are met. The study of the performance of Electromechanical relays.

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  • Investigation of adhesive compositions based on polychloroprene for the adhesion of rubber soles to the tips of the skin. Determination of the adhesion strength of the adhesive film when stretched as the hardener content of the adhesive is increased.

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  • The surfactants have been objects of studies all over the world. Development of approach to surfactants with controllable structure and properties based on the natural raw materials applicable for cosmetics production as dispersed systems stabilizers.

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