Models of decision-making support on local energy conversion systems

The problem of fuzzy multicriterial analysis of local energy conversion systems. Construction of training samples for artificial neural networks. Application of multiagent calculating models. Transition from vectorial criterion to a scalar combination.

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  • Combined heating - a modern way of organizing the heat supply of the house. Use of independent sources of thermal energy. The advantages of using solar collectors. The principle of operation of the stove, fireplace insert. Types of combination boilers.

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  • Development of a managed system architecture with the possibility of full-scale parametric optimization. Systematization of the architecture of the conversion system by the example of the technological process of liquid heating. Software designer EFFLI.

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  • The system of rest is energy-saving, with power supply from alternative energy sources intended for complex recovery of an organism in house conditions. Determine the effectiveness of panel modules on the level of stress. Application panel "Ananta 2016".

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  • Types of Electric Vehicle in use Today. Alternative and Novel Energy Sources and Stores. Electric Machines and their Controllers. Motor Cooling, Efficiency and Mass. Design of Ancillary Systems. Battery powered cars and vans. Torque speed characteristics.

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  • Analyze existing installations for fire testing of building constructions both in Ukraine and abroad. Design a model of fire furnace was. Determination of the fire resistance of different constructive systems. Implementation of models of fire furnаces.

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  • A new concept of Artificial Neural Networks in estimating speed and controlling a separately excited DC motor. A three-layer feed forward neural network with sigmoid activation functions in the input and hidden layers and purelin in the output layer.

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  • Regulatory basis that promotes the development of renewable energy in Ukraine. The features of energy saving measures as a complex final consumption product. A complex of activation instruments being adjusted to the characteristics of individual objects.

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  • Problems of hardware configuration in systems for stabilization of information and measuring devices operated at vehicles of wide class in difficult conditions of disturbances action. Analysis of modern devices and units used in stabilization systems.

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  • Evaluation of the technical system and its subsequent use for decision-making to ensure complex technical systems with appropriate quality of work. The characteristics and specificity of the model changes performance States based on the Markov chain.

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  • Proposal and implementation of a new methodology for calculating the bending finned tubes for heat exchange systems. Getting high-quality bends with minimum radius of bending pipes bimetallic and monometallic. The use of technology in the helical rolling.

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