General theory of globalization

Information technologies expansion. Information technologies: money recedes into the background. On difference significance in the technological time speed. Resources for new technologies. Old technologies. Global regulation for global competition.

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  • A concept and principal reasons of global rise in temperature, place of this phenomenon, is in the modern world. Character of changes of climate, related to the global rise in temperature. Climatic changes, affecting atmospheric and ocean rotation.

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  • Globalization as the process of global economic, political, cultural and religious integration and unification. Trade – employment linkage by Holgerg G Social protection and Unemployment insuranceorg. The weakening of the economic impact on employment.

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  • Transformations of all spheres of social life both in the practical plane, and in the worldview and value aspects, transforming awareness of the different levels of human life. Information as the main value. Formation of media in the information space.

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  • Determination of the essence of digitalization of the country's economy, taking into account the concept of development. Analysis of transport and logistics system. Introduction of digital technologies in order to meet the needs of consumers in products.

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  • Development of new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases system, which is the main cause of sudden death. Features of its appearance, depending on the operating conditions and the professional duties of the employee.

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  • The algorithm of translation teaching. A record of the actions of a translator that he was taken in the translation process, the development of its creative potential. The synthesis of linguistic and translation competences and personal translation.

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  • Community development and innovative technologies and its reflection in recruiting and modify the modern vocabulary of the English language. Neologism as a new word or phrase created to refer to something new (previously unknown) object or phenomenon.

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  • The regimes of internationalization of the sphere of science, technologies and innovations and methods of increasing the competitiveness of positions in the world market of goods and services. Principles of constructing an innovative economic model.

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  • Introduction with he review of the ways to deal with the definition and segment structure of the intercultural communicative competence. Discussed of the specifics of the usage of gaming innovation in the unique circumstance of intercultural approach.

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  • The study of new cultural meanings necessary to restore the broken sense of the conformity of consciousness and being of the individual. The peculiarity of the use of technologies of directional formation in the formation of anti-terrorism consciousness.

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