General theory of globalization

Information technologies expansion. Information technologies: money recedes into the background. On difference significance in the technological time speed. Resources for new technologies. Old technologies. Global regulation for global competition.

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  • Characteristics of the difference between the categories of "joint property" and "joint ownership". Study of its practical significance in dividing the property of the spouses. Enforcement of law and order through the mechanism of legal regulation.

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  • Analysis of topical issues of global economic relations in the system of the national economy. Characteristics of the economic-legal model of improving foreign-political relations. Feature of identification of innovation and integration factors.

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  • Globalization and modern technological advances as the factor of interaction between people of different nationalities and cultures. Features monochronal and polychronic cultures. Conditions for successful project management in mixed international teams.

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  • Health as one of the main characteristics of the human person. The peculiarity of the development of education through the introduction of information technology in the educational process. Studying the problem of maintaining the health of students.

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  • The benefits of information technology as traditional educational institutions, and models of online education. The feature of the use of multimedia presentations, knowledge management software, video conferencing and cloud computing in English lessons.

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  • Research of the functioning and development of the system of providing administrative services by public authorities in Ukraine. Problems and obstacles to the introduction of information technology in the centers of provision of managerial services.

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  • Concept and setting of money, history of their evolution. Determination of cost of different types of money, their value, is in activity of the banking system. Concept of barter, his role in ancient times and today. Earliest Money and Its Functions.

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  • Origin and development of accounting in the ancient world. Characteristics of economic activity and demand for information. The system registers the financial registration in pristine Rome. Stagnation era in the bookkeeping in the early middle ages.

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  • Main functions of the database management system. Creation of a conceptual data model that reflects the structure of information that should be stored in the data bank. The peculiarity of the design of spreadsheets. Use the program to store evidence.

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  • The desktop of the computer and installed default programs. Working with Windows 98: folders, files, drives. The control display with information in the right panel. The difference between cutting and deleting. Using the clipboard as the storage area.

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