General theory of globalization

Information technologies expansion. Information technologies: money recedes into the background. On difference significance in the technological time speed. Resources for new technologies. Old technologies. Global regulation for global competition.

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  • Rise of English as a global language and explore the whys and wherefores of the history and future potential of English as the international language of communication. Linguistic features of New Englishes, the future of English as a world language.

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  • Communications, act as a transmission information from one place to another. Characteristics of verbal and non-verbal intercourse. The main connection channels in the world. The essence of the information exchange between cultures and social groups.

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  • Basic purposes of medical informatics and laws of information processes in complicated systems. The problem of quantitative information estimation. Change of information dynamics rate parameter inside biological individuals during whole evolution.

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  • Research and analysis of the category of echo-question from the point of view of its contextual and pragmatic specifics in the communicative environment of the dialogical unity. Investigating the ability of replicas to eliminate information insufficiency.

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  • The role of computer information systems at the enterprise marketing activities. Phases of the scheme development and launch of a new product on the market within its life cycle, exemplified by fat and oil industry. Creation of of competitive goods.

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  • General information on functional styles of language and his characteristic stylistic devices. Functional style of language as a system of interrelated language means which serve a definite purpose in communication. The stages of English development.

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  • Research of the effect of SNR on the CQI and its reflection for a relay channel with frequency response in "fast 4-mode transmission mode" under condition of closed loop spatial multiplexing. Analysis of Ped A and Ped B canals in broadcast mode.

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  • Concentration and research on the characteristics of audience as an actual living and influential figure in the discourse production. Aspects of the processes of speech production and speech perception in the process of technical information transfer.

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  • The study of information referring to phonemic structure and functions of every speech sound in English, the main characteristics, notation. Classifications and points of view of some Russian and British phoneticians. The main trends in Phonemic theory.

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  • Modern interactive technologies. Characterization of foreign vocabulary and the formation of students' lexical skills through the use of multimedia presentation. Implementation of a communicative approach to mastering all aspects of a foreign language.

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