Effect of image enhancement on watershed segmentation

The main types of noise and filters that remove them from the image and analyze the apparent differences in the distribution of the image (using the watershed algorithm). Choosing the best filter to use when working with the watershed algorithm.

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  • In primary order to satisfy the users' requirements for the productivity and efficiency of tasks implementation the grid-system should implement the effective algorithm of tasks distribution between the computing resources accessible at the moment.

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  • The analysis of algorithms for image representation to recognition of 3D face scans with the presence of facial expressions. The input point cloud based on curvature analysis and range image representation to achieve a representation of the face features.

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  • Наиболее важные свойства компонента Image, доступные в инспекторе объектов. Алгоритм создание простейшей программы для просмотра графических файлов. Примерный вид формы разрабатываемого приложения. Изображение окна программного проекта после запуска.

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  • Development of the mathematical model of invariant image processing in the visual system. The principles of constructing a functional that reaches a maximum when the values of the transformations are equal to the hidden transformations of the signal.

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  • Course determination algorithm that proposed based on the correlation of pairs of images. The errors of course determination that are investigated for different threshold values of normalized correlation coefficient. Components of course errors.

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  • Modifications of the method for the detection and localization of the cloned area. Digital images used in print media, medicine, science, legal proceedings. Falsification of a digital image. The difference between the source region and the counterfeit.

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  • Human Insulin, PDB entry 1AIO. Image produced with PDB Structure Explorer, which is based on MolScript. Virus structure, superimposed over its PDB summary information. Image produced with PDB Structure Explorer, which is based on MolScript and Raster3D.

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  • The information technology for graphical data from unmanned aircraft real time processing. The structure and functionality of the automated system, image processing algorithms and video. The used of technology in the development of a pilot workplace.

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  • Анализ клиентской части программного обеспечения для социальной сети "Image Poster". Выбор типовой архитектуры. Разработка UML–диаграмм для программного обеспечения для социальной сети. Интерфейс клиентской части. Загрузка и комментирование фотографий.

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  • The classification method, based on Combined Swarm Negative Selection Algorithm, which was originally designed for binary classification problems. The accuracy of developed algorithm was tested in an experimental way with the use of microarray data sets.

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