Effect of image enhancement on watershed segmentation

The main types of noise and filters that remove them from the image and analyze the apparent differences in the distribution of the image (using the watershed algorithm). Choosing the best filter to use when working with the watershed algorithm.

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  • On relevance of technical analysis. Pattern recognition. Technical indicators. Data processing. Feature extraction. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Algorithm and software. Model configuration. Clustering performance on simulated data, brutе force algorithm.

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  • Private versus public key cryptography. Variable changes and normal forms. Elliptic curves over finite fields. The baby-step giant-step algorithm. Counting points on elliptic curves. Isogenies and modular polynomials. The Schoof-Elkies-Atkin algorithm.

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  • A new algorithm for parallel fault simulation of VLSI on multicore workstations with common memory was proposed. The results of computational experiments on ISCAS-89 benchmarks circuits, which are obtained on the 12-core workstation, were reported.

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  • A Bayesian algorithm for determining the statistical accuracy factor, which can be used to estimate the accuracy characteristics of on-board automatic landing system on the stage of operational control. Solution of the statistical accuracy problem.

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  • The issue of many public key cryptosystems and application of embedded devices for this setup. Present an algorithm that also inherently thwarts differential side-channel attacks in finite abelian groups with only limited time and storage overhead.

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  • Concept of algorithm and its appointment. Algorithmic method - precisely established procedure or a set of instructions which can be applied to all cases of a problem. Mathematical properties of algorithms described by the British mathematician Turing.

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  • Linguistic and numerical auxiliary quantities and the definition of auxiliary functions and a system of rules through them. The implementation of the proposed decision algorithm as a result of modeling processes that are performed by the operator.

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  • Analysis of the extended euclidean algorithm. Analysis of operations in the residue class ring. Structure of the multiplicative group of residues mod a prime number. Symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems. Compression functions from encryption functions.

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  • The characteristics and features of the topic model in the form of stochastic matrices, their purpose and application. Creation and distinctive features of the new algorithm to build a Sub-hierarchy Galois, the specificity of the visualization tools.

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  • Decoding techniques for fast correlation attacks. Description of cryptographic protection. Enforcement mechanism and decision function. Elgamal digital signature scheme. Conceptual model of an authorization architecture. Binary Euclidean algorithm.

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