Effect of image enhancement on watershed segmentation

The main types of noise and filters that remove them from the image and analyze the apparent differences in the distribution of the image (using the watershed algorithm). Choosing the best filter to use when working with the watershed algorithm.

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  • Analysis of the specific features of automatic code generation for diagrams in the Dragon programming language. Computer’s training by creating an expert system as very different form of human learning. The algorithm of a trip by bus on Python 2.7.

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  • Short for Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader is the process of taking an image of letters or typed text/ Main features of text recognition. Matrix matching and feature extraction. Matrix matching is the simpler and more common.

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  • Description of the developed energy saving algorithm for autonomous heating systems installed in heated premises. Determination of the moment of switching on for the transition to the specified nominal temperature after maintaining the set temperature.

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  • The similarities between cuisines of different countries, by analysing ingredients of the different recipes. The address problems of finding recipes, good ingredient pairings and even inventing new recipes. Neural network classifier and Simrank algorithm.

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  • The detail parallelization a popular global search method, the PSO algorithm using MPJ Express. The parallel PSO algorithm’s robustness and efficiency are demonstrated by using four standard benchmark functions Alpine, Rosenbrock, Rastrigin and Schaffer.

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  • Research and analysis of ways to solve the problem of reducing the expressions obtained in solving the naval system. Structure of Stokes equations. Development and analysis of an equivalent reduction algorithm based on the theory of chain fractions.

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  • Development of software and algorithm of the information system for monitoring fires. Possibilities detecting fire from sensor, predicting its spread and assessing the source of ignition. Realization of information through sound and visual signals.

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  • The adaptive learning algorithm for "extended neo-fuzzy neuron" is proposed, that has both following and smoothing properties and allows to solve problems of prediction, filtering and smoothing of non-stationary disturbed stochastic and chaotic signals.

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  • The method and algorithm for realization of arithmetic operations in the system of remainder classes. The principal advantage of the suggested method. The algorithms for realization of arithmetic operations of summation, deduction and multiplication.

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  • Применение и использование файлового формата графического адаптера. Формат Tagra Image File (TGA) как приспособление для просмотра изображений. Изучение файловой структуры TGA. Кодировка данных изображения. Сжатые данные, использующие схему TGA RLE.

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