Macmillan guide to economics

The acquisition of skills in English proficiency in Economics, the fundamental themes of economic theory. The concept of the term "econometrics" and its importance. The activity of economic systems, the role of supply and demand in today's market.

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  • The characteristic of market and capitalist economic systems and their essential features: private property, freedom of choice and entrepreneurship, personal interests as motive, competition, dependence on the price system and limited government role.

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  • Biography Paul Samuelson and his contribution and development economics. Samuelson award of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Foundations of Economic Analysis Samuelson and integrating them mathematics and economics. Samuelson's professional positions.

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  • The market as an area where, under the influence of supply and demand, goods are sold (bought and sold) at prices that are usually formed as uniform. Factors affecting trade: natural, economic, social, elements. Its special, individual characteristics.

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  • Types of Economic Systems. Traditional Economy, Command Economy, Free Market Economy. American Mixed Economy. Features of American Free Market Economy. How the Government influences. How would my pizzeria function under different economic systems.

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  • The current state of, and efforts to improve, the economics curriculum, pedagogical techniques used to teach economics at all educational levels. The development of the pedagogical system in developed countries. The training is paid and free basis.

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  • Political and economic situation of developing states within last two decades. Use of tariff protection and subsidies for development of their industries. Conditions of economic growth of developing states with rendering the multilateral financial aid.

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  • The sugar beet subcomplex improve and its development as a result of structural changes that have been occurred in the conditions of market economics are researched in the article. The using of clustering in forming of the economics competitiveness.

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  • The increase in production of goods and services due to the growth of labor productivity, capital increase, new technological developments. Consideration of aggregate demand, supply models. The incentives for market. The strategy of combating the crisis.

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  • Methodological basis of socio-economic transformation of standards’ system for the realization of ecological modernization. The ways, criteria, principles and tools for the "greening" of the regional economics managing on the basis of innovation policy.

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  • The concept of the economic cycle, its phases: crisis, depression and recovery. Spontaneous transition from one phase to another. Occurrence and prevention of problems of an economic crisis. Its causes and role in the socio-economic development.

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