Macmillan guide to economics

The acquisition of skills in English proficiency in Economics, the fundamental themes of economic theory. The concept of the term "econometrics" and its importance. The activity of economic systems, the role of supply and demand in today's market.

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  • Discussion of the ideas of chaos theory, determination of the importance of nonlinearities in mathematical models. Chaos and order as two opposite terms. Models with chaotic characteristics. The application of the theory of chaos in the capital markets.

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  • Transformation processes that took place in the credit market of Ukraine under the influence of the modern financial and economic crisis. Have been analyzed problems and factors that caused the long stagnation of the credit activity in banking sector.

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  • The reformation of a mechanism for economic, legal support of market relations. The necessary institutional changes and processes of reformation of particular economic institutions and important aspects in reformation of the economic and legal mechanism.

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  • The frequency of price changes for 350 categories of goods and services covering about 70 percent of consumer spending, on the basis of unpublished data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 1995–1997. The importance of price stickiness in economics.

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  • The term of economic growth. Four key elements of economic growth by Simon Kuznets. Benefits from growth driven by technological change. Economic and social costs from rising inequality. Advantages, disadvantages and forecasts of economic growth.

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  • Economic growth of the country and its competitiveness in the world market. Practice of reforming the domestic economy. The need to strengthen the role of the state in supporting economic innovation processes and managing innovations in general.

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  • Comparative characteristics of economic systems. Providing access to global markets, the formation of design thinking, using a wide range of resources and contributing to the development of the human personality - the tasks of the creative economy.

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  • Analysis of the main differences between economic systems of two countries (they are completely different in their economic substance), including the GDP growth rate, exchange rate, interest rate short-term government debt, unemployment and trade deficit.

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  • The evaluation of management of integration of border regional economic systems within the frameworks of the system theory. Management of the economic system development within the integration process with economic system of Heilongjiang province.

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  • Measuring economic activity. Statistics are available to show the level of unemployment, inflation and wages, a country's trade balance with the rest of the world, production volumes in key industries, raw material prices. Three economic issues.

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