Macmillan guide to economics

The acquisition of skills in English proficiency in Economics, the fundamental themes of economic theory. The concept of the term "econometrics" and its importance. The activity of economic systems, the role of supply and demand in today's market.

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  • Public forums and conferences as a platform for government relations. Public economic events in paradigm of market economy. International examples. Typology of public economic forums in RF. Forums and conferences as GR-platform: strategies and practices.

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  • Analysis of character transformations in the investment sector in the integration of local and national economic systems in the system of innovation international cluster. Numeric parameters changes in the structure of the investment environment.

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  • Analysis of the main drivers of price of palladium description of the market. Heterogeneous investors and open interest. A more flexible fundamental model. Economic significance of non-hedger investment in commodity markets. Commodity market interest.

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  • Investments as an economic category, and their role in the development of macro-and microeconomics. Classification of investments and their structure. Problems and perspectives of the development of that funds. Private business activity of the Kazakhstan.

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  • The existence of human wants as the basis of all economic activity in a society. The usual explanation of the customer experience with the help of the law of diminishing marginal utility. The classification of goods and services into necessaries.

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  • Social and economic wellbeing constitutes wellbeing, which is a general term for mental, physical, economic and social wellness. Positive effects on social and economic wellbeing of the foreign debt. Green technologies and renewable energy concepts.

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  • Consequences of the current economic crisis. The impact of debt combined with rising unemployment in the labor market. Ways to increase employment, economic factors to prevent unemployment. Features of the dynamics of labor resources in a crisis.

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  • Use and development of entrepreneurial resources in modern economic systems. The effectiveness of a modern entrepreneurial resource in Kazakhstan. Development of the national economic system of with the inclusion of an entrepreneurial resource.

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  • The concept and essence of economic security of the enterprise. Criteria of economic security. The need for and nature of a comprehensive system of economic security business. The emergence of enterprises of various organizational and legal forms.

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  • Cybersecurity as a threat to enterprises in the manufacturing sector. Opportunities to expose the shortcomings of the system. Influence of a weak link in the IT infrastructure of supplies on reputation, financial and economic importance for business.

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