Economic justification of stages of the investment project of a mining and processing enterprise

Development of recommendations regarding the commissioning of fixed assets of mining and processing enterprises in the implementation of investment projects based on the use of bank loans as a source of funding. Analysis of development of mining.

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  • The analysis of world practice of incorporating private capital in state investment projects with the budget shortfalls. A study of the factors of successful implementation of projects of state-private partnership practical examples of Croatia and Serbia.

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  • The role of the investment climate and large-scale support of investment activities by the state in economic development. Characteristics of the investment climate in Russia after the sanctions. Assessment of the attractiveness of Russia for investors.

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  • Methodological support for specifying requirements for construction projects in rural areas. Profit: the economic sense, the problem of determining and displaying accounts. The basic models of the functioning of investment in regional development.

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  • The article examines the existing approaches to the concept of "investment strategy". The author examines characteristic features, types and principles, the peculiarity of stages of formation and realization of the investment strategy of the enterprise.

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  • Special features of metals and mining companies. Classification of valuation models and total valuation of explorations properties. Discounted cash flow and multiples. Valuation of a mining company with different methods, cycle importance in it.

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  • Generalized of the main trends of investment support for innovative activities in Ukraine. Identified of the major problems of implementing an innovative model of economic development. Analyzed of dynamics of the investment attractiveness index.

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  • Analysis of the legal regulation of investment activity in Ukraine. The actual state of Ukrainian politics and current problems of state. Development of recommendations for improvement of legal regulation of the investment climate in the country.

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  • The investment as cash for reproduction of fixed capital. The investment funds inserted into the current capital stock to inputs and semi-finished products. The development of material and technical base of education and other sectors so tertiary sector.

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  • Recommendations for increasing transparency and reducing the length of the bureaucratic management process. Active participation of the private sector in project financing to provide the necessary infrastructure that is necessary for economic growth.

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  • Characteristics of approaches to the development of methodological foundations of the process of sustainable development of industrial enterprises. Grouping models of sustainable development on the basis of external and internal economic development.

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