Economic justification of stages of the investment project of a mining and processing enterprise

Development of recommendations regarding the commissioning of fixed assets of mining and processing enterprises in the implementation of investment projects based on the use of bank loans as a source of funding. Analysis of development of mining.

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  • Characteristics of approaches to the development of methodological foundations of the process of sustainable development of industrial enterprises. Grouping models of sustainable development on the basis of external and internal economic development.

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  • Characteristic of mechanical engineering, which needs to accelerate the inflow of investments, the use of the introduction of creative innovations, large-scale technical modernization. Study of machine-building enterprises of the Ural Federal District.

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  • Investments as an economic category, and their role in the development of macro-and microeconomics. Classification of investments and their structure. Problems and perspectives of the development of that funds. Private business activity of the Kazakhstan.

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  • The principles of formation, classification, evaluation of risks accompanying investment activity. The stages а decision-making in the given economic category. The mechanisms for determining the potential value of financial losses from investments.

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  • Analysis of the Fortal Declaration and the environment of global financial and credit institutions, including the BRICS of the New Development Bank. Aspects of overcoming the economic imbalances and risks of the BRICS countries in decision-making.

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  • The study of Internet technologies to analyze financial and monetary markets, evaluation of investment projects. Assessment of level of innovative potential and profit, engagement of the economy, the development of an algorithm for investment management.

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  • Analysis of features of development of economic strategy of industrial enterprise in conditions of instability on the materials of Eastern Kazakhstan. Analysis of production of major industrial products in the region, its largest industrial enterprises.

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  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness, which is the link between the analysis stage and the stage of decision-making about investment. Matrix modeling that involves the formation of a certain integral. Analysis of the potential return on investment.

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  • Environmental aspects of food production. Economic development of food industry. Comparative analysis of environmental payments that are presented for payment and actually paid by the companies in the region, the volumes of the capital investments.

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  • The stages of development of the indicators determining the level of sustainable development of the region and algorithm realization of sustainable development policies. Analysis of the standardized values of economic development of Pavlodar region.

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