Economic justification of stages of the investment project of a mining and processing enterprise

Development of recommendations regarding the commissioning of fixed assets of mining and processing enterprises in the implementation of investment projects based on the use of bank loans as a source of funding. Analysis of development of mining.

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  • Classification of investments and their structure. Development and implementation of investment policy aimed at ensuring high economic growth and raising economic efficiency. Problems and perspectives of the development of investment funds in Kazakhstan.

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  • Development and characterization of basic measures to improve the investment process in the agricultural enterprises. The use of dialectical and synergetic method of system analysis. The management of the investment process in the agrarian formations.

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  • The scheme of the stages of the investment process in the agricultural sector on the basis of functions such as investment forecasting and programming, investments motivation and investment insurance. Development of variants of investment projects.

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  • Functions of investment spending. Indicators of the economy's performance. Fixed assets as the major component of investment potential. Political climate and credit ratings. Research of investment potential of China. Development process in recent years.

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  • The features of the mechanism of state support of investment projects in the economic system. Efficiency of budget support investment projects in Ukraine. The recommendations for improving the mechanism of budget support investment projects are proposed.

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  • Clarification of key tasks and barriers of mining engineering enterprises in the context of the formation of sustainable supply chains in the mining sector. Considering the channels of supply and distribution of participants in the production chain.

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  • Theoretical bases of investment attractiveness of the enterprise. Influence of natural, economic, financial, social, legal and political factors on the investment attractiveness of agricultural enterprises. Opportunities to attract investment resources.

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  • Determining the rate of production growth in assets based on a number of technical and economic indicators. Formation of assets and their relation with profitability parameters support the reproduction of resources. Patterns of investment decisions.

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  • The problem of investing in the infrastructure of sea ports. Development of approaches to the formation of a system of financing investment projects for the development of port infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian economy.

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  • The crucial importance of the development of investment activities of the national industry for Serbia. The need for additional efforts that should be aimed at attracting foreign direct investment to increase GDP growth rates and reduce unemployment.

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