M@A market operations as a tool of domestic enterprises' business model transformation

The main trends of the world market of M&A transactions and determines specific features of mergers and acquisitions market in Ukraine at the present stage. The transformation mechanisms to update business models. The domestic market of mergers.

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  • The current state of the food market, socioeconomic impact of its operations. Aspects of the formation and subsequent functioning of national food market and the source of its trade provision explored in the works of national and foreign economists.

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  • Analysis of the Russian retail market in conditions of sanctions. The effectiveness of a single retail network. Applying business strategies to improve the current economic situation in the Russian. The influence of management on Russian retailers.

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  • The study a dynamics of demand and supply of labour from the perspectives of the market, and identify and study the characteristics of the workforce, in order to effectively meet business needs for qualified personnel and ensure its competitiveness.

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  • Market entry modes and economic sanctions. Finnish companies doing business in Russia. Cultural differences influencing Finnish-Russian business. Proposing a strategy entry into Russia for the Finnish company "Nanofoot". Market analysis and prognosis.

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  • Analisis of the global experience of the electricity markets functioning. The monopolization and the deregulation of the electricity markets. The shift from model of "single buyer" to the model of bilateral contracts and balancing market in Ukraine.

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  • Characteristic features of the united states economy, which is made up of individual people, business and labor organizations, and social institutions. Examination notion of market economy. Study of nature entrepreneurship, capital, natural resources.

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  • Kazakhstan is the largest nation and economy in Central Asia, and the ninth largest nation by area in the world. Trends of gross domestic product of Kazakhstan at market prices. Prospects for the development of Kazakstan with the international community.

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  • Analysis of the interaction of the labor market and the market of educational services in the conditions of transformation of society and European integration. Features of regulation and justification of the problem of structural imbalances in this area.

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  • Assessment of the profitability of business in a market economy. Problems that cause companies selling products below cost. Determining the connection between entrepreneurship and investment and the implementation of the main sources of investments.

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  • Establishment of integration mechanism of interaction between educational services market and labor market in Ukraine to bring the system of education in accordance with the requirements of employers. Improving the competitiveness of the education system.

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