M@A market operations as a tool of domestic enterprises' business model transformation

The main trends of the world market of M&A transactions and determines specific features of mergers and acquisitions market in Ukraine at the present stage. The transformation mechanisms to update business models. The domestic market of mergers.

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  • The interdependence of market mechanisms with the effectiveness of the institutional environment. The directions of forming a homogeneous institutional environment. The analysis of the transaction costs of telecommunications market public sector entities.

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  • International experience of companies, which using consultancy services to work effectively under conditions of uncertainty of the economic environment. Analyze global trends in the market of consulting services to support and develop business.

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  • An analysis of the behavior of workers in the event of release, taking into account the current transformational conditions of management. Overcoming the problem of massive release of workers at the stage of development of the domestic labor market.

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  • Transformation processes that took place in the credit market of Ukraine under the influence of the modern financial and economic crisis. Have been analyzed problems and factors that caused the long stagnation of the credit activity in banking sector.

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  • Familiarization with market analysis of ceramic tiles in Ukraine. Characteristics of the main consumers and customers company. Research of features the strategy of "market share protection", prices and advertising budget of the company "Cerzanit".

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  • The research of transparency and the market value of companies on market capitalisation. Transparency index and descriptive statistics. Integrated report methodology index. Management strategy and it is implementation and business model and risks.

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  • The transformation from a centrally planned to a market economy at the initial stage - a process that covers a wide range of areas, including the political, economic system and social relations. Income elasticity of consumption and savings in Poland.

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  • Becoming of market relations in UA stipulate the necessity of improvement of control system by the service’s enterprises, orientation of the management system on the market conditions of economy, ability to react to changes in the market environment.

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  • Purpose is to analyze the labor market and the market of educational services interaction in conditions of society transformation and country transition to the European integration way of development. Studying the peculiarities of their regulation.

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  • Develop the efficient management method that can be easily used by each race team in the russian karting market. Present of the main features and problems the russian karting market. Describe the method of structural equation modelling in general using.

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