Core Business Terminology in authentic business interviews

Encoding information; internationalization and national specificity. The nomination process. General Business English vocabulary and terminology. Business vocabulary as a dynamic system. Phraseological units, metaphors, special terms, and synonyms.

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  • The Object of Lexicology. The structure of the word. The main problems of lexicology. Vocabulary as a system. Archaic and obsolete words. Professional terminology. The historical circumstances which stimulate the borrowing process. Etymological doublets.

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  • Idioms in business english: ways to cross-cultural awareness. english idioms and how to use them. The study of the terms having the structure and meaning of collocations, which are patterned and their meaning is transparent: bank holiday, bank loan.

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  • The formal paper communications between businesses. A sending a professional correspondence through the Post Office or by courier. Consideration of the basic rules of writing a business letter. The studying examples of senders and recipients in English.

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  • Stylistic analysis of official business letters as a genre of bureaucratic discourse, which has proved itself in official and business correspondence with a description of hackneyed verbal structures or clichés typical for official business letters.

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  • Business english and its characteristic features. Classification of organization cultures. Advice for job seekers. letter of inquiry. Money and methods of payment. Letter of offer. Stores and consumers. Abbreviations used in business correspondence.

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  • The Etymology of English Words. Vocabulary as a system. Professional terminology. Etymological doublets. The main problems of lexicology. The historical circumstances which stimulate the borrowing process. The Object of Lexicology. The structure of word.

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  • A tax and it`s types. The business enterprise as a system of monetary flow. Types of transactions. Types and forms of business organization. Activities and responsibilities of the central bank. Organizational structure of the Federal Reserve System.

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  • The system of the state support of small business in Japan. Four Japan centers of carrying out of a policy stimulation of small enterprises. The basic mechanisms of financial support of small business in Japan. Role small business in economy of Japan.

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  • At the times of SU, there wasn’t not only small or middle business, there was not business at all. Necessity to credit small business. Goals for receiving a credit. Interest rates and repayment. Difficulties with preparing documents for receiving a loan.

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  • Study of difference between business and personnel letters. Analysis of features and types of business letters. Characteristic of letter structure and placement, letter style and the layout of the envelope. Main stages drafting sample of business letter.

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