Core Business Terminology in authentic business interviews

Encoding information; internationalization and national specificity. The nomination process. General Business English vocabulary and terminology. Business vocabulary as a dynamic system. Phraseological units, metaphors, special terms, and synonyms.

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  • The geographical position of the United Kingdom. The system of government in the United States. Forms of business organization. Law enforcement agencies in Britain and the USA. The Crown Prosecution Service. British education system. Means of travelling.

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  • A well-structured hierarchy and a strong emphasis on nurturing personal contacts characterize business relationships in Japan. Etiquette of meeting of business negotiations. Nonverbal communications gestures - are very important in signaling intentions.

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  • Letter writing - is an essential part of communication, an intimate part of experience. Business letters thought lexics correspondence: a sampling of contract phrases, foreign esoteric words, some words against passive. Examining English business letters.

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  • Borrowing words of foreign origin in legal terminology due to Ukraine's participation in the processes of globalization. Analysis of changes in the semantics of English-language terms when they are adapted to the lexical system of the recipient language.

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  • Dynamic students' skills in writing business letters in English. Features of the style of business letters, which should be understandable for students to successfully master this knowledge. Providing conditions for the development of students' thinking.

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  • Analysis of the problem of terminological metaphors in scientific and technical texts. Groups of terminological metaphors in the terminology of transportation and storage of hydrocarbons. Consideration of the peculiarities of the translation of metaphors.

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  • Characteristics of the concept of changes in the logistics system as one of the major economic complexes in the world literature on economics. The peculiarity of business transformation and the essence of increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise.

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  • The role of the teacher in the development of pupils' communication skills. The use of role-playing games in teaching foreign languages. Drawing up issues to be discussed at business negotiations. Expansion of vocabulary in the process of simulation.

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  • An attempt to give an overview of contemporary achievements in the theory and practice of raising the effectiveness of business communication from the linguistic and socio-cultural viewpoint. The business communication as a cross-cultural issue.

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  • The analysis of the modern English language and its vocabulary. Structural and semantic peculiarities of new vocabulary units, ways and means of replenishment the vocabulary. Borrowings as a one of the ways of enlarging the lexical system of language.

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