Core Business Terminology in authentic business interviews

Encoding information; internationalization and national specificity. The nomination process. General Business English vocabulary and terminology. Business vocabulary as a dynamic system. Phraseological units, metaphors, special terms, and synonyms.

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  • Analysis of terminology, nomenclature vocabulary, procedural vocabulary as a way to define a particular text to the official business style of the language. Evaluation of lexical and grammatical turns, speech cliches, metaphors, idioms of English texts.

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  • Neutral, common literary and colloquial vocabulary. The stock of words forming the neutral stratum. Special literary vocabulary Terms. The stylistic effect of the medical terminology used by Cronin in novel "The Citadel". Special colloquial vocabulary.

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  • The process of forming a culture of business communication. Analysis of the semantic structure of phraseological units as part of the phraseosemantic field of business speech. Classification of phraseology in the field of business communication.

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  • Business English covers the main areas of business communication as business correspondence, ethical behavior in different situations, business meetings, communication by telephone, interviewing technique. English role in business communication.

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  • The trait of the study of the problem of familiarizing senior students of economic specialties with the specifics of the banking business. The main ways of motivating them to represent situations from real life are using learned business vocabulary.

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  • Business English - the branch of English, devoted to the rules and ways of arranging business correspondence in English language. Business correspondence - communication through exchange of letters. The structure of a business letter. Rules of writing.

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  • The role of literary arts aimed at improving student’s language competences, vocabulary and terminology by providing them with opportunity to acquire language and business skills through exploring fictional situations and future profession-related topics.

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  • Effective strategies appear to encompass certain critical success factors. Locutionary speech act. The specificity of business context. Successful business communication. Аcquire specific manners of communication. Business pragmalinguistic competence.

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  • The main arguments of drawing parallels between sports and business. Studying the sport metaphors are identified as powerful figurative devices to perceive abstract business concepts by way of more concrete ones. Analyzing which sport they originate from.

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  • The relationship between business and society. Business ethics, the methods and purpose of normative ethics to the specific requirements of moral issues in business. Ethics benefits business as a social sub-system in a lockstep manner with compound rate.

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