Core Business Terminology in authentic business interviews

Encoding information; internationalization and national specificity. The nomination process. General Business English vocabulary and terminology. Business vocabulary as a dynamic system. Phraseological units, metaphors, special terms, and synonyms.

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  • Neologisms in Modern English. Definition of the term "neologism", "author neologism". National-cultural specificity of learning a new vocabulary. Transfer features neologisms based on the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" and the novel "Harry Potter".

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  • Phraseological units and types of phraseology. Problems phraseology: the differences in terminology, the difference of phraseology of free groups. Basic approaches to the classification and study of phraseological units: functional, contextual, semantic.

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  • Ways of formation and classification of idioms, the difficulties of translation. Phraseological units and idioms as an expressive part of the language's vocabulary. Synonymous statements and emphasis, indices for interpretation. Proverbs its means.

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  • Awareness of the current state of development of the English vocabulary. Study of structural and semantic peculiarities of new vocabulary. Conditions for borrowing of foreign words. Examining the key stages in the formation of a language community.

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  • A considerable part of aviation lexis is comprised by professional vocabulary and professional terms. Their structure and semantics, the aspects of term classification, problems of translation. The usage of abbreviations and acronyms in Aviation English.

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  • The definition of concept and term "neologism". Methods of forming and Translation neologisms. Ethnic and cultural specificity of learning a new vocabulary of the English language. Translating difficulties of neologisms in the modern vocabulary.

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  • The Roman conquest of Britain is a gradual process, beginning effectively in AD 43 under Emperor Claudius, whose general Aulus Plautius served as first governor. The Influence of English vocabulary after the Roman conquest. The problem of lingodidactics.

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  • Toponyms and etnonyms in the vocabulary. Toponyms and etnonyms in Great Britain. Origins of toponyms and etnonyms in the vocabulary in English. Toponyms and etnonyms in the vocabulary of Ukrainian. English placenames commemorate non-Christian religions.

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  • Franchising - arrangement where one party grants another party the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as business systems and processes, to produce and market a good or service according to specifications. Its regulation and significance.

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  • The great value of the interaction between the countries. Interpreter’s services as the peculiar bridge between the foreign countries. The profession of an interpreter as one of the most important and indispensable in the present-day business world.

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