Main characteristics of the situational method for teaching of foreign language

Acquaintance with the characteristics and features of the situational method of teaching a foreign language. Situational method as one of the most effective methods of teaching a foreign language. Analysis of the current state of education in Ukraine.

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  • The necessity of teaching listening to foreign students studying Russian as a foreign language, especially from a pragmatic point of view. Attention to teaching understanding of implied meanings which the speaker might mean when making the utterance.

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  • Analysis of using of tandem as an alternative method of English language teaching. The objectives and principles for the use of method. The organization of teaching with the tandem-method. The forming of cross-cultural, linguistic competence of students.

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  • Developing skills, English language teaching methods for foreign students. Reasons for teaching writing as emphasizing the communicative aspect of the English language. Techniques and effective methods of teaching writing. Practical advice for teachers.

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  • Tne regulation of student emotions, thus making educational process more effective. Program and musical compositions, which be used in teaching a foreign language with preschool children. Positive emotions, interest, and motivation pupils to initiative.

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  • The provision of graduates with English language skills - one of the ways of employability enhancement. Analysis of the features of the application of personality-oriented approach in the process of teaching foreign languages in agrarian universities.

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  • Characteristics of reading as one of the main skills that a pupil should acquire in the process of learning a foreign language in school. The use of images with tooltips - the most frequently used teaching methods that help children learn new words.

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  • Difficulties in learning a foreign language students who have disabilities, development of effective teaching methods. Multisensory structured language, the correlation value between the stimulation of the self-esteem of students, improved achievement.

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  • Main geocultural values as a concept of research in the teaching of foreign languages. Ideological principles of harmonious personality development in the context of geoculture, which is a prerequisite for successful mastery of a foreign language.

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  • The article is devoted to the problem of using innovative methods and different active forms at foreign language lessons at school. In article a most effective innovative methods, for example the method of organizational-training game are considered.

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  • Dilemma in language teaching process, linguistic research. Modern techniques in language teaching, grammar translation method and communicative approach. Principles and important factors of learning and teaching vocabulary. Sets of lessons plans, tests.

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