Main characteristics of the situational method for teaching of foreign language

Acquaintance with the characteristics and features of the situational method of teaching a foreign language. Situational method as one of the most effective methods of teaching a foreign language. Analysis of the current state of education in Ukraine.

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  • The article is devoted to the problem of using innovative methods and different active forms at foreign language lessons at school. In article a most effective innovative methods, for example the method of organizational-training game are considered.

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  • Main geocultural values as a concept of research in the teaching of foreign languages. Ideological principles of harmonious personality development in the context of geoculture, which is a prerequisite for successful mastery of a foreign language.

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  • The main feature of attracting a multilingual approach to teaching foreign languages. Identification of the main functions of visual literacy in classes in a foreign language. Analysis of the formation and improvement of educational skills of students.

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  • Dilemma in language teaching process, linguistic research. Modern techniques in language teaching, grammar translation method and communicative approach. Principles and important factors of learning and teaching vocabulary. Sets of lessons plans, tests.

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  • The authors consider and estimate the alternative methods of teaching. The development of modern science and technologies open up horizons for the new generations of students. The teachers need to find new combinations in a variety of modern methods.

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  • Reveals the theme of teaching of foreign languages on the basis of communication technology. Characteristics of methods which abilities of students to carry out various activities using the english language. Description of communicative teaching.

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  • Discussion of some aspects of the formation of key competencies of students in teaching foreign languages. Types of competences, formation for solving communication problems in a foreign language. classification of competences of various researchers.

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  • Description and explanation role play activities. The nature of role-playing games. The technique of teaching language. Learner and teacher roles. Classroom practices and behaviors. The concept of immersion in playing. Problems of accelerating learning.

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  • The purpose of the study is about vocabulary teaching in foreign language and about old and modern teaching techniques. The history of development of vocabulary teaching started with the grammar-translation method. Modern techniques in language teaching.

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  • The approaches in Teaching Vocabulary. The use of oxymorons. Non-translation method. Deducing meaning from the context technique. Vocabulary learning strategies. Basic tool for students who has been learning foreign language for a long period of time.

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