Main characteristics of the situational method for teaching of foreign language

Acquaintance with the characteristics and features of the situational method of teaching a foreign language. Situational method as one of the most effective methods of teaching a foreign language. Analysis of the current state of education in Ukraine.

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  • Drawbacks of using the classical teaching methods in English language learning. Some interactive methods for teaching foreign languages are shown. Some interactive methods for teaching foreign languages are also shown. Communicative language teaching.

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  • Determines the specific bundle of competences and strategies underpinning the modern process of foreign language teaching by building upon the selected elements of educational philosophy of John Dewey. Analysis of leading proponent of pragmatism.

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  • History of development of dictionary, his value, is in a language. Method of teaching of dictionary. Analysis of dictionary supply of student. Value of memory in a study and memorization of foreign words. Development of interest to the foreign language.

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  • A basic principles of strategy of foreign language teaching. Development of the communicative and cognitive competence. Principles which accentuate the necessity to develop communicative cognitive skills and capacities that are reflected in competences.

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  • The principles and stages of students' needs analysis for the effective development of courses, curricula, syllabuses and further teaching methodological support materials in teaching professionally oriented foreign languages at technical universities.

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  • The distinctive features of a language barrier, its levels and causes. The occurrence of culture shock in the study of the English language to foreign students. Recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency of overcoming the language barrier.

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  • Classification of the main types of innovative technologies in foreign language teaching. Development of methods for the use of electronic dictionaries for beginners to learn a foreign language. Formation of listening and speaking using a dictionary.

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  • Ananlysis of the market of educational technologies. Description of the best known techniques as basic technique, classical approach to the study of language, lingvosotsiocultural approach, communicative approach, meaningful method of test preparation.

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  • Highlights the implementation of common European framework of reference language education. Examines the problems of language education in Ukraine in the course of European integration. Analyzes modern approach and aspects of teaching foreign languages.

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  • Scientific and educational texts as a tool that is used to illustrate language material for foreign students. Teaching Russian language - one of the main mechanisms of socialization and acculturation in a new multicultural educational environment.

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