Madame Marie Curie the Science of Radioactivity

Brief biographical details from the life of Marie Curie. The research process the effect of "radioactivity", the discovery of new radioactive elements-radium and palladium. The awarding of the Nobel prize in physics Marie Curie for their work with x-rays.

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  • The qualitative scheme of the formation of ferromagnetic grains in the matrix with non-magnetic layers of condensation. Analysis of the principle of operation of the automated system for research thermoresistive properties of thin film materials.

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  • The blackbody radiation problem within classical physics is reviewed. Discussion of Fundamental Constants. Analysis Maxwell’s equations. Linear and Nonlinear Oscillator Scatterers. Wien Displacement Law and the Mismatch with the Boltzmann Distribution.

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  • The specific properties of the Evans function, its use as a tool in mathematical physics. Application of the Darboux transformation to the Schrodinger equation. Solution of the standard Riccati differential equation. Investigation of a discrete spectra.

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  • The results of experimental studies of the magnetooptical Kerr effect of thin-film systems based on Niand V. Dimensional and temperature dependencies of the Kerr effect are shown, as well change of MOKE-loop shape at different annealing temperatures.

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  • Characteristic features of the effect of noise on the power and polarization characteristics of semiconductor lasers within the scope of our earlier model which considers polarization switching. Research and analysis of results of numerical simulation.

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  • The study of the pathogenic effect of electric fields of alternating current on biological systems (Drosophlla melanogaster) to substantiate the maximum permissible levels of electromagnetic radiation by creating new rapid methods using test objects.

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  • The consider the Yang-Mills theory in connection with the Einstein and Maxwell equations. The model of a metric satisfying the basic requirements of particle physics and cosmology is proposed. The basic equations of the model of the cosmological scale.

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  • The short life span of satellites - the reason of the complexity of the observation region of the ionosphere near the ionospheric peak. The features of the use of the Faraday effect for measuring the geomagnetic field using incoherent scatter radar.

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  • Study the feasibility of rheological kinetic concept abrasive wear resistance for an explanation of this effect. Study of the effect and the influence of alloying chromium in the amount of 1 - 5 % on abrasive wear resistance medium carbon compounds.

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  • Ознакомление с национальной долей нано-публикаций, представленных на Web of Science в 2010 году. Определение и анализ разницы между позициями национальных научных школ. Характеристика экономной российской государственной политики во внутренних делах.

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