Madame Marie Curie the Science of Radioactivity

Brief biographical details from the life of Marie Curie. The research process the effect of "radioactivity", the discovery of new radioactive elements-radium and palladium. The awarding of the Nobel prize in physics Marie Curie for their work with x-rays.

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  • Theoretical information about the history of the discovery of the Doppler effect, the disclosure of its physical nature. Building plot of the Doppler frequency of target velocity at a certain speed range and for given parameters of the wavelength.

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  • The assessment of radiological hazard to the workers involved in manganese mining, industrial applications in Egypt. The natural radionuclides contents of manganese have been determined by low background spectroscopy using hyper-pure germanium detector.

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  • The study of double-beta decay processes of cadmium with crystal scintillators in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Italy). Identify constraints on the half-life, the phenomenon of resonance amplification.

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  • Aristotle's view of physics. Consideration of Physics by Aristotle. Motion by Aristotle as the total change as the active transformation is possible in reality. Consideration of the key features of the thinking of Aristotle, list of presuppositions.

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  • Motion along a straight line. The displacement of a particle is a vector quantity. The magnitude of the force. Kinetic energy and work. Potential energy and conservation of energy. Center of mass and linear momentum. Rolling, torque and angular momentum.

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  • Photothermal effect of laser radiation on frozen biotissues. Тissue cryopreservation with using cooling, frizzing, laser heating. Тhe self-propagating high temperature synthesis. Using of nanoparticles high photo-thermal effect for laser of biotissues.

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  • Analyzed of the fundamental ideas of mathematical physics, which are accepted as the foundation in the attempt to solve the Navier-Stokes. Characteristic of the equations of dynamics of Hamilton. Completed the principal part of empirical physics.

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  • Biefeld-Brown effect. Preliminary experiments at Army Research Laboratory. Previously proposed explanations for the Biefeld-Brown force. Ionic wind and the ion drift picture: scaling theory of force. Thermodynamic analysis of the Biefeld-Brown force.

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  • Intensification of billet deformation for reaching effect of macroshift deformations during stretch forging in combined dies is grounded. Technological modes for approximation work-piece cross-section to round shape and getting resource saving effect.

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  • Analyze the occurrence and role of image forces in physics and chemistry of surfaces. It is shown that a prima facie simple concept of classical electrostatics has a very complicated background of diverse many-body phenomena. Focusing on dynamic effects.

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