Madame Marie Curie the Science of Radioactivity

Brief biographical details from the life of Marie Curie. The research process the effect of "radioactivity", the discovery of new radioactive elements-radium and palladium. The awarding of the Nobel prize in physics Marie Curie for their work with x-rays.

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  • The temperature effect on the phase composition, on variation in diffuse reflection spectra. Absorption coefficient of titanium dioxide powder during heating and modification by silicon dioxide nanoparticles. The irradiation with accelerated electrons.

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  • An efficient technique for analysis of waveguides, resonators and waveguide discontinuities in electromagnetic bandgap structures. Waveguides and resonators formed by elements removed from EBG array are considered. The first step is a solution of problem.

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  • Analysis of the impact of the negative bias potential on the structure, substructure and mechanical properties of ZrN coatings. Analysis of effect of negative potential on the surface morphology during the deposition effect in reducing the droplet phase.

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  • The two dimensional magnetic micropolar generalized thermoelastic medium, in the presence of the effect of Hall currents. Laplace and exponential Fourier transform techniques are employed to transform the governing partial differential equations to ODE.

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  • Results of tests of the model of the motor-generator – the convincing proof of an inaccuracy of the first law of Newton and existing electrodynamics. Formation of an autonomous energy source with the service life equal to service life of the accumulator.

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  • The C-V characteristics of n-channel JFET have been measured as a function of temperature up to 140 0C and γ rays up to 100 kGy. The results show that the input capacitance Ciss is increasing function of temperature when measured at low frequency ban

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  • Limited energy resources as a major problem in the energy sector. Increased use of oil and natural gas. Reaction of nuclear fission and fusion. The energy released in the fusion of two light nuclei. Isolation of radioactive hazardous substances.

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  • Electric current and its effect on the body. The types of effects that current levels can have on the body. The effect of current on the electric shock. An explanation of some of the most common effects of an electric shock. Consequences of shock.

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  • Design of the experimental setup, depending on the time of flight fragment separator COMBAS and multi-channel recording system developed for the study of light exotic nuclei. The use of precise correlation method for resonance spectroscopy collapse.

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  • The essence of the process of using solar energy in the areas of alternative energy. The process of generating electricity using solar cells. The advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of solar energy. The use of photovoltaic installations.

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