Darwin-Lagrangian analysis for the interaction of a point charge and a magnet: considerations related to the controversy regarding the aharonov-bohm and aharonov-casher phase shifts

The classical electromagnetic interaction of a point charge. The Darwin-Lagrangian and electromagnetic fields. Two-particle model for a magnetic moment. Conservation laws and transition to a multiparticle magnet. Forces in the multiparticle limit.

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  • The energy-momentum distribution and the mechanical forces of the electromagnetic field in material media. The discussion of the energy-momentum tensor in macroscopic electrodynamics. The Maxwell stress tensor. Electromagnetic force in James’ experiment.

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  • Phase transition for US gauge field is considered. A lower bound of the phase transition temperature by comparing of the average energy for the perturbative and nonperturbative regimes is estimated. In a scalar model of glueball its energy is calculated.

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  • A Generators of the Poincare Group for Electromagnetism. Derivation of the Center-of-Energy Law. Conservation Laws in the Presence of External Forces on Particles. Quasi-static Changes for Stationary Systems. Single Point Mass. Parallel Plate Capacitor.

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  • Electromagnetic disturbances at explosions of charges of condensed high explosives for the first time were found out by A.G.Ivanov in summer of 19381. In the subsequent years these effects were repeatedly investigated in many laboratories of the world.

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  • The study of the quantum nature of light and its interaction with matter. Mixed States of the electromagnetic field and electrodynamics in the frequency domain. The concept of probability and random variables. Experiments in optical homodyne tomography.

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  • The benefits of using improved magnetic materials for electric devices. The mechanism of effect of magnetic field on the formation of ferrite particles in the polymer matrix composites. The calculation of the amount of filler in a phase transition.

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  • The acquaintance with the peculiarities of the spatial distribution of electromagnetic fields. The characteristic features of Electromechanical disintegrator. Consideration of methods of distribution of eddy currents in the working conductive camera EMD.

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  • General representation of the electromagnetic properties of solids. The effect of temperature and magnetic field on the amount of condensation the object. Comparison of theoretical and experimental data of electrical conductivity of the dielectric.

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  • Elastic scattering of the ultra relativistic polarized on atomic nucleus with arbitrary spin. The covariant parameterization of the electromagnetic current for a particle. The Rosenbluth formula for the cross section of the ultra electron.

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  • Analysis of features of the power system of organism. Essence of concept is a "biofield". Life as continuous process of absorption of energy of different kinds and different values. Biological aspects of influence of the electromagnetic fields on a man.

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