Darwin-Lagrangian analysis for the interaction of a point charge and a magnet: considerations related to the controversy regarding the aharonov-bohm and aharonov-casher phase shifts

The classical electromagnetic interaction of a point charge. The Darwin-Lagrangian and electromagnetic fields. Two-particle model for a magnetic moment. Conservation laws and transition to a multiparticle magnet. Forces in the multiparticle limit.

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  • Classical interaction of a magnet and a point charge: the Shockley-James paradox. Understanding the recoil of the current loop. Calculating a magnet model consisting of interacting point charges which are constrained to move in a circular orbit.

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  • The Maxwell electromagnetic duality relations the Aharonov-Bohm, Aharonov-Casher, and He-McKellar-Wilkens topological phases, which allow a unified description of all three phenomena. Two experimental schemes for measuring the He-McKellar-Wilkens phase.

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  • Particularly testing for the existence of the Aharonov-Bohm effect with electronics holography. A cross-sectional diagrams of an electron microscope with cooling apparatus. Consideration of the value of the electromagnetic potentials in quantum mechanics.

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  • Analysis of the structure of the electromagnet. Features of the equivalent circuit of the electromagnet. Stages of the calculation of the magnetic flux and the electromagnetic force. Consideration of ways to determine the electromagnetic forces.

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  • Maxwell’s equations and the equations governing charged particle dynamics. The relevant entities in these equations. Ambiguities in the definitions of the electromagnetic fields. A related term in the energy equation. Geodesics and Lorentz force.

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  • The problem of gauge transformation of the electromagnetic potentials in classical electrodynamics (CED). Experimental vidence by Nikola Tesla: longitudinal vacuum waves, electrodynamic forces, appled power from static charge and scalar field in CED.

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  • The electromagnetic energy-momentum tensor for a system of charged particles and its "gauge renormalization". Classical electrodynamics after "gauge renormalization". The momentum of free and bound EM fields. Proper mass of electron and Poincare stresses.

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  • The leading order Foldy-Wouthuysen Hamiltonian. The Classical theory of Fields. The force experienced by a charged-particle with anomalous magnetic moment in presence of external fields. Approaches which have been used to address the question of a force.

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  • Characteristics of the principle of operation of dynamic model rocket thruster of electromagnetic type consisting of a source of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency and the conical resonator, which are excited by electromagnetic oscillations.

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  • The resulting electromagnetic field is the superposition of electromagnetic fields was found. It was determined the instantaneous electromagnetic force affects the non-ferromagnetic conductive disc and consequently the pressure force of the electrode.

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