Hardening technology of obtaining solid coating on the surface of steel products

The preparation of a hard coating on the area of steel products by the method of combined local strengthening technology with the intensification of the borating process. Effect of laser treatment of steel on increasing the depth of the hardened layer.

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  • Complex definition of the concept "term". Revealing, by the example of polysemantic terms, the cases of their use in various fields of science and technology. Denial of the independence of terms from the linguistic and extralinguistic types of context.

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  • The peculiarity of the English language as an international in the world. Analysis of the prospects for its study among young people. The main reasons for the popularization of dialect. The use of anglicisms in computer technology and social networks.

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  • Characteristics of the concept of changes in the logistics system as one of the major economic complexes in the world literature on economics. The peculiarity of business transformation and the essence of increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise.

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  • Characteristics of the pedagogical design, technology and support in distance education. Creating a computer-based training for people with inability to learn. Development of reliable long-distance telephone systems. Formation of virtual high school.

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  • Research of the functioning and development of the system of providing administrative services by public authorities in Ukraine. Problems and obstacles to the introduction of information technology in the centers of provision of managerial services.

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  • Pragmatic peculiarities of the English advertising, the purpose of which is to sell products. New ideas and methods, broadly using the innovative approaches of information providing. Lexical and terminological features of English advertising language.

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  • The telecommunication services in United Kingdom. The development of information technology: company "British Telecom", "O2", "T-Mobile", "Three", "Orange", "Vodafone" and others. The information technologies in Ukraine: the National Informatisation.

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  • Set of professional and personal qualities that should ideally possess a modern translator to operate successfully in its segment of the translation market. Definition of qualities that determine suitability for professional translation activity.

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  • Implementation of the strategic unit of competitive advantages of crop. Analysis of the status and problems of forming of holistic technological innovation to meet the principle of cross-cutting coordination. Guidelines of modular form technology.

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  • Analysis of the needs of future radio engineers to learn English and the role of information technology among these needs. The need to develop programs for teaching professionally oriented English language that would satisfy the needs of students.

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