Research of primary directions of the pharmacy specialists social protection in Ukraine on the basis of social protection in the European Union

Finding the constructive way to achieve high standards of public health. Types of social areas for the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Specifics of implementation practices of the EU in the field of social protection specialists in pharmacology.

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  • History of Pharmacology. Dosage forms for oral, ocular, and nasal applications, for parenteral, pulmonary, rectal or vaginal, and cutaneous application. Systems Pharmacology. Overview of Drugs Acting and the features of their effects on the body.

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  • The marketing analysis of the assortment of medicines used topically for diseases of the locomotor apparatus presented at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for the subsequent substantiation of the composition and the type of a soft dosage form.

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  • Characteristics of high-performance liquid chromatography as the most optimal method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of multicomponent medicines. Research of qualitative and quantitative content of the complex apiphytomedicine "Apised".

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  • Approaches to reforming the system of medical aid to population in Ukraine. Developing primary medical aid basing on the principles of family medicine; developing hospital circuits with hospitals of intensive treatment; changes in the system of financing.

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  • Estimation of quality and clinic-pharmacological examination of medicamentous therapy. Accreditation of objects of public health services in Republic Kazakhstan. Algorithm of carrying out of accreditation, and classification design of its standards.

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  • Features of the health care system in the United States. General characteristics of the structure of the health system, familiarity with the features. Analysis of public health programs and financing system. Analysis of major government programs.

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  • The problem of disposal of the pharmaceutical industry, the assessment of its relevance at the present stage, perspectives permission. Harmful substances emitted during the production of pesticides, chlorine compounds. Legal and technical support.

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  • The heart is an integrated organ. The main body systems which are essential to life and so lessen the burden on the heart. The structure of the heart and its functions: transport of materials, protection from pathogens, regulation of body homeostasis.

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  • To study the prospects of using nanoemulsion in the modern pharmaceutical industry. Bioavailability of colloidal solutions. The ability of the solubility of nanoemulsions and their ability to protect drugs from hydrolysis and enzymatic degradation.

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  • The Ministry of Health - a central executive body in the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Analysis of the main medical universities that educate students. The features of the Kazakh state program on liquidation of a epidemic of diabetes.

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