Research of primary directions of the pharmacy specialists social protection in Ukraine on the basis of social protection in the European Union

Finding the constructive way to achieve high standards of public health. Types of social areas for the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Specifics of implementation practices of the EU in the field of social protection specialists in pharmacology.

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  • The innovative processes development trends in the global pharmaceutical market and the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. The reasons that lead to the development of concentration processes in the area of research and development in the pharmacy.

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  • The program of care for drug-addicted patients, their social and psychological portrait. Elements of medical care. Forms of social rehabilitation and employment assistance. Applying the principles of aftercare in the field of institutional education.

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  • Resource science of medicinal plants is a large and important section of scientific and practical activities of various specialists. Pharmacological studies and the introduction into pharmacology. The main stages of research of medicinal plants.

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  • Research of modern approaches to ensuring equality in the healthcare sector, coverage of the situation in Ukraine and defining the vision of Ukrainian experts regarding a "guaranteed package" of free medical care as a means of ensuring social justice.

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  • Analysis of the main trends in the incidence of psoriasis in the Kharkiv region, the social significance of the disease and ekonomicheskyuaya. Determining ways to improve health and social care to patients. Prevention psoriaticheskyaoy erythroderma.

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  • Characteristics of health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Description of problem of early pregnancy on young mothers' health. Recommendations for age birth of first child.

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  • Research and characteristic features of nozogenic factors of mental traumatization, pathomorphosis and somatization of clinical manifestations of non-psychotic mental disorders. Analysis of the directions of development of social psychiatry in Ukraine.

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  • The concept maintenance "epidemiology" and its development stages. Social aspect and ethical problems of epidemiology. Protecting the rights and dignity of the human clinical trials and medical practice. The fundamental principles of medical research.

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  • The analysis of the mechanism of oxidative stress that can lead to diabetic cataract: the method for inserting a lens of cattle in culture conditions to high concentrations of glucose and protection with special antioxidants, selective chelator for iron.

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  • Subjects of pharmaceutical industry function in the conditions of uncertainty and dynamic environment. Pharmaceutical industry is characterized by logistics risks with specific properties of drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients and active substances.

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