Research of primary directions of the pharmacy specialists social protection in Ukraine on the basis of social protection in the European Union

Finding the constructive way to achieve high standards of public health. Types of social areas for the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Specifics of implementation practices of the EU in the field of social protection specialists in pharmacology.

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  • Structural resemblance glyproline peptide family. Studing a simplest proline-containing linear peptides PG, GP, PGP. The suppression of reactions of blood coagulation and platelet aggregation and protection of gastric mucosa against ulcerogenic factors.

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  • The main functions of the human blood. The composition of blood plasma. Transportation, homeostasis, protection, hemostasis. Cells, cell fragments, and an aqueous solution of plasma. Proportion of cellular elements in total and is calleda hematocrit.

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  • The need for the use of the main provisions of international classifications to determine the state of health improved and effective rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Scientific, methodological basis of the formation of a new medicine tools.

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  • Determination of the possibility of correction with the help of the total extract of Phytocomposition No. 3 + PhytoF. Study of the system of protection of immune, antioxidant response of guinea pigs, sensitized by the introduction of normal horse serum.

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  • Clinical pharmacology of diuretics in the international system (anatomic-therapeutic-chemical). Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics features, principles of diuretics usage in clinics are considered. Side effects and interaction with other drugs.

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  • The technology of manufacturing a combined gel anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic action called "Artproment". Testing of the drug in pharmaceutical and industrial environments and to identify the main parameters affecting its quality and stability.

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  • Primary and post-primary forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. Pathological, radiological features, lymphadenopathy of primary tuberculosis. Complications caused by nodal pressure and erosion into adjacent structures. Features of diagnostics of tuberculosis.

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  • The work of public health services in the UK. Populations in need of regular dental examination. Dental examination of schoolchildren. The organization of dental services in the United Kingdom. Terms of free dental care of certain groups of patients.

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  • Modern strategy of the public health support by means of regulation of tobacco prices for reduction of the burden of tobacco epidemic. Relevant issues of formation of healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and health promotion. Tobacco epidemic control.

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  • What is genetic modification? The problems of labeling genetically modified food. Problems facing to cloning. Cloning of the person: arguments in protection. The first genetically modified monkey. The future development of cloning, genetic modification.

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