Emergence and development of anti-aircraft artillery during the First World War

Analysis the history of creation and development of antiaircraft artillery during the World War I. Study circumstances of the emergence of new equipment. The use of aviation for military purposes. Creation of air defense and antiaircraft artillery.

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  • Preparations for military operations in the context of analyzing procedures of military security and purchasing aviation innovations. Characteristics of conflicts involving the Japanese army. Description of the introduction of aviation technologies.

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  • The reasons that led to the creation of a special type of urbanization in Sweden. Studying the reasons for the relationship of cities and shopping places. Description of the reasons that led to the emergence of urban settlements of a special type.

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  • Different approaches and methods of the study of the shaping and operating the political system "leading a nomadic life empire". Consideration of the development to modern history thought in study social-political sphere of the nomadic formation.

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  • Assessment of the military-strategic position of Crimea. Plans of the German command to capture the Crimea in 1941. Stages of defense of Sevastopol, operation E. Manstein to seize the city. The exposition of the Museum Of defense of Sevastopol.

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  • An analysis of the causes of defection among Ukrainian Red Army soldiers during World War II. The combination of cultural history with a quantitative approach and the application of a methodology developed to study the problem of Red Army militants.

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  • Study of the history of economic take-off of Korea. Country dependence on the United States of America. Impact of the consequences of the war on the state development. The historical case of South Korea’s transformation in the 1960s to early 1980s.

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  • The study of the role of primitive mining in the development of the communities of the stone age. The basic importance of mining activities for the first minerals to ensure the initial material culture of humanity and the continuity of mining experience.

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  • Revolutionary situation in America in eve civil war. Publication of battle reports and personality types of political figures. Attack and death of general George Armstrong Kaster. Dragonnade to Mexico. Participating of the USA is in Second world war.

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  • History and development of Russian cities Moscow, Pereslavl–Zalessky, St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, Rostov Veliky, Suzdal, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Zagorsk. The main historical events, architectural monuments and attractions. The modern urban development.

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  • Correspondence of the Russian Agent from Rome during the First World War concerning armed orders. Everyday military expenses of Russia. The letter of the war agent in Italy. Consideration of features of activity officers and soldiers of the front line.

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