Emergence and development of anti-aircraft artillery during the First World War

Analysis the history of creation and development of antiaircraft artillery during the World War I. Study circumstances of the emergence of new equipment. The use of aviation for military purposes. Creation of air defense and antiaircraft artillery.

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  • The study of the history of development and functioning of military counterintelligence service of the Russian Empire in 1903-1914. Analysis of the basic principles of counterintelligence’s organizational structure, evolution of its goals and objectives.

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  • The reasons for the Great Britain entry into the Second World War, the joint struggle against fascism. Making allies of humanitarian and military supplies to the Soviet Union on the lend-lease. Shipping history convoy PQ 17 and its tragic consequences.

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  • The study of the emergence of nomadic states in the East in comparison with the features of the emergence of sedentary nationalities, taking into account historical materials describing the laws of state development and the evolution of society.

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  • Origin of the name "Silicon Valley". The history of the formation of this research center. Development of new computer technology, military development. The history of Apple. Stanford University and the establishment of the company Hewlett-Packard.

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  • Analysis of major trends in world development in the second half of the 80's - early 90-ies, in the context of studying global problemh humanity and their possible solutions in the double pole of the world. Socio-economic situation in the Soviet Union.

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  • Value the of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany and militarist Japan during World War II for the world civilization. Feat of the people as an example of courage, the savior of the world from the brown plague. The spread of socialism around the world.

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  • Study of similarities, differences and contradictions in the artistic interpretation of military experience. Analysis of the literature of 1941-1943 as an example of Soviet propaganda and, at the same time, "true" art, reflecting the real tragedy of war.

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  • Analysis of works by pupils, written in May 1946 about their life during the Second World War and occupation. Attempt to reconstruct value orientations, stereotypes, emotional experiences of children associated with their own military experience.

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  • Political influence of the USA after World War II. Foreign policy programme of the U.S.A government, Truman's doctrine and her tasks. The aid program to Europe after World War II, the plan of Marshall, its participants and the practical purposes.

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  • Description of the social situation in the US in the period preceding the war. Identify the role of public and sociopolitical societies and movements in the emergence and escalation of a crisis. To trace and analyze the course of military operations.

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