Emergence and development of anti-aircraft artillery during the First World War

Analysis the history of creation and development of antiaircraft artillery during the World War I. Study circumstances of the emergence of new equipment. The use of aviation for military purposes. Creation of air defense and antiaircraft artillery.

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  • Woodrow Wilson, as one of the greatest people in world history, is the only American president who has received a doctoral degree, an acquaintance with a biography. General characteristics of Woodrow Wilson's control theory, analysis of features.

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  • Prerequisites and conditions for the maturing of the First World War. Problems associated with the preparation of the economic resources of the Russian Empire for war. Features of Russian diplomacy in the international arena on the eve of its inception.

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  • The facts regarding the administrative-regional, military, religious posts and ranks in Khiva government system. Understanding the rank bearers duties. Learning the development process of khanate government. The main results of territorial reforms.

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  • A history over the centuries of women’s subjugation. Afghanistan’s social development. The rapid reforms to improve women’s lives and position in the family. The second era of intense women’s reform. The testing grounds for the future of hybridization.

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  • The history of the origin and modern significance of Thanksgiving in American history. Periodization the key stages of the study of the pilgrims in America. Symbolic meaning and traditions of the celebration of the landing of first settlers in USA.

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  • Biography of aircraft designer Oleg Antonov. History of Antonov's family. The beginning of the work way. Antonov's Design Bureau. Aircrafts by General Designer Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov. The title of Doctor of Technical Sciences for O.K. Antonov.

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  • The procedure of banking reform development and the process of formation of the banking system in the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century in assessments by historians and financiers. Historiographic analysis of the coverage of banking reform.

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  • Childhood, youth Edison. The invention of electric light bulbs and equipment for recording and playback of sounds. Creating Edison Company, which produced a new stock quotes. The contribution of the inventor in the development of X-ray technology.

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  • Characteristics of US colonial economy, the conquest of new markets. Industrial development and modernization of production. Development and export of natural resources of the enslaved countries. Capital flows to the south and the west of America.

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  • Research and analysis of certain aspects of the past and the present in the context of complex processes of artistic understanding of the tragedy of Babi Yar. The role of creation of the original historical memory, the methods used in this process.

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