Types of shortenings and their function in modern english

The theoretical and practical value of english lexicology. The connection of lexicology with phonetics, stylistics, grammar. Substantivization of adjectives, criteria of semantic derivation. Syntactical classification of phraseological units, antonyms.

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  • Types of stylistic research and branches of stylistics. Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary. Stylistic theory and classification of expressive means by G. Leech. Classification of expressive means and stylistic devices by Y.M. Skrebnev.

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  • The procedure of empirical studying lexico-semantic peculiarities of words denoting philosophical, world outlook, scientific, social, political, moral, religious, legal, aesthetic values in Modern Ukrainian and English. Determined linguistic units.

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  • Brief survey of English morphological problems in the light of present-day linguistics. The principles of classification prescriptive and non-structural descriptive grammarians. Semantic features, finite forms of the verb. The problem of future tense.

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  • Adjectives and comparatives in modern English. Grammatical overview of English Adjectives. Forms of comparative. The syntax and the semantics of Clausal Comparatives. Lexical and morphological ways of expressing comparative Adjectives and Adverbs.

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  • The system of language study. Subject matter of theoretical grammar of the English language. Grammatical form and category. Morphemic structure of a word. Parts of speech theory. Verb in the system of the English language. Actual division of a sentence.

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  • The subject and tasks of the science. Types and levels of equivalence. Grammatical Features Typical of Modern English. The Participle as Part of an Absolute Construction. Partial Equivalents caused by different usage. Free and Bound Use of Grammar Forms.

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  • Theoretical Survey of the Process of Teaching Grammar. The Difficulties Pupils Have in Assimilating English. Teaching Techniques and Activities on Presenting New Grammatical Structure in the 8th Grade. Experimental Analysis of the Theoretical Approach.

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  • Five main categories of Germanic languages. The history of the English verb. The characteristic of the Modern English verbs, main groups of strong verbs. Tense of the English verbs. Peculiarities of aspect in English. The forms of suppletive verbs.

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  • General definition of the phenomenon of synonymy in Modern English. Kinds of synonyms, their specific features. Distributional features of the English synonyms. Changeability and substitution of meanings. Semantic and functional relationship in synonyms.

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  • Deep prosecution of vocal standards, study, interpretation, translation and retelling of text in English language. Exercises on intonation and grammar. Teaching of students to the correct reproducing and independent use in speech of intonation structures.

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