Orienteering: The Experimental East in Auden's Sonnetsfrom China

Wystan Hugh Auden's poetry of the 1930s and the place of his work in the English poetic tradition. Ideological and artistic phenomenon lyric poet: echoes of English poetry, "metaphysics" (baroque) and romanticism, as well as ideas of Freudianism, Marxism.

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  • Slam as an art form, a poetic battle and play at the same time. The role of slam in the urban culture of the United States, the history of its origin and the reasons for the popularity in this country. The direction and the features of the poetry slam.

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  • The peculiarities of the duality motif in the poetry of Anne Sexton. The analysis of ways of its realization in the images of the "double" as well as the mirror and reflection images. The duality as one of the dominant in American women’s poetry.

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  • Poetological reflection - the author's focus on the process of generation, existence of a work of art, including the issue of aesthetic criteria, normative canons, attitude to the art of predecessors. Directions of "Philology" of J. Allnatt's poetry.

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  • Difficulties of the form of Old Icelandic lyrics for translating into another language. The analysis of the problem of Ukrainian translations of Scandinavian and Breton lyrics. Features of Scandinavian poetry, its varieties (the Eddic and the Skaldic).

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  • Analysis of the creative heritage of uyghur poets and writers of the 30s-40s of the 20th century, their place among the literature of the Turkic-speaking peoples. Uigur literature of Central Asia and China, value of the works of these region writers.

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  • Biography and work of the national poetry of England W. Shakespeare. Reasons for the popularity of the novel by C. Dickens. Analysis of detective stories C. Doyle. Discoveries and inventions of A. Bell. Foundation of the Royal Society of London R. Boyle.

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  • Proposes that Velychkovs’kyi carefully selects quotations from the Psalms and the Greek Testament to reverse a pedagogical prejudice and to promote poetic games as tool for teaching the Ukrainian vernacular. Collection of poetic things by Velichkovskyi.

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  • Practical aspects of the translation of artistic verse texts based on the analysis of Russian-language translations by J. Keats, "Ode to the Greek Vase". Stylistic, emotional and meaningful features of poetry. The scheme of rhyming the original verse.

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  • William Shakespeare, the greatest English poet and dramatist. His best and the most famous plays are "Othello", "King Lear", "Hamlet", "Romeo and Juliet". Biography and literary career of the orator George Gordon Byron. Character of his creation.

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  • The peculiarities of the duality motif development in the poetry of Anne Sexton. The analysis ways of the duality motif realization in the images of the "double" and the Doppelganger as well as the mirror and reflection images in Sexton’s poetry.

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