Orienteering: The Experimental East in Auden's Sonnetsfrom China

Wystan Hugh Auden's poetry of the 1930s and the place of his work in the English poetic tradition. Ideological and artistic phenomenon lyric poet: echoes of English poetry, "metaphysics" (baroque) and romanticism, as well as ideas of Freudianism, Marxism.

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  • Definition of Dialect and Standard English. Reasons of using dialect in text and speech. Peculiarities of using English dialects in the different regions of England. Utilization Dialecticisms in ancient Poetry and Dialect in modern English poetry.

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  • A brief historical and social contexts of English romanticism. A list of the main ideological components of prosaic, poetic and dramatic literature in the XVIII-XIX centuries. Acquaintance with the most famous works of this period and their authors.

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  • National traditions role in enriching and development of the world literature. Romantic poetry. The first major work of literature is the epic poem "Beowulf". Carpe Diem Poetry. The masters of literature from the turn of the XIV century to the present.

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  • To the use of ancient myths and the category of the beautiful in mythopoetical poems of John Keats. The poet's search of truth and beauty, his identification of love with poetry and the formation of his poetic credo. The desire to contrast the ideals.

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  • The language of the ancient Britons. The beautiful Anglo–Saxon poem "Beowulf" - the foundation–stone of all British poetry. W. Shakespeare - one of the brightest representatives of the English Renaissance. Literature of The Enlightenment in England.

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  • The study of the peculiarities of the poetic genre in the literature of English-speaking countries. Analysis of poetic genres in diachronic context. Description of ballads, verses. The specifics of mother geese and nursery rhymes, the essence of haiku.

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  • The story of the young poet-martyr Agabaly Salmas Said Khalil Akverdiyev Mashadi. The world of poetry and art 20-year-old boy. The mission of Muhammad as a master of clear presentation. Salmaza poetry published in Fuyuzat under the name Imtahani-adabi.

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  • Comparative analysis of translations of the poem of the modern English poet D. Davie's - an outstanding representative of the literary trend "The Movement". Analysis of the major peculiarities of the poetic work. Transferring the main ideas of the work.

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  • Moderation in the cultural and symptomatic aspect of speech-thinking activity of representatives of English-speaking cultures. Speech phenomenon of nedoskazany as a communicative-pragmatic category of moderation of the English artistic discourse.

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  • Sketch of the life and work of American poet Hans URS Longfellow. The review of the first collections of poems of the author. Overview of family life and publication of the first Longfellow stamp in Portland. The list of novels and poetry Longfello.

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