Orienteering: The Experimental East in Auden's Sonnetsfrom China

Wystan Hugh Auden's poetry of the 1930s and the place of his work in the English poetic tradition. Ideological and artistic phenomenon lyric poet: echoes of English poetry, "metaphysics" (baroque) and romanticism, as well as ideas of Freudianism, Marxism.

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  • Gothic tradition as one of the most essential trademarks of english identity. Dramatic landscapes and scenes, supernatural phenomena and situations as one of the main features of the influence of Shakespeare's literary creativity on Gothic culture.

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  • The researching how medieval English reality of Geoffrey Chaucer’s "The Miller’s Tale" is brought across to the present-day reader in modern English translation. Singles out major reality-building constituents that make up the world of the famous story.

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  • Interpretation of selected texts of poetry created in ethnolect tracks Wilamowice folklore topics. God and the liturgy, nature and its functions, economic activities, love and courtship or local tradition. The ethnolect influenced the image of the world.

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  • Information about American and English literature in the beginning of XX century. The most influential authors: their biography, literary achievements. Popular books which were developed in that century. The peculiarities of Kyrgyz and American novels.

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  • The analysis of cultural and self-identification, made up of African American female poets. Linguistic, rhetorical means that provide textual identification. Conceptual, linguistic opposition and dichotomy, hints of precedent names, lexical repetitions.

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  • The main stages of life of English writer Jane Austen. Parenting in the family and school for primary education. The work together with sister on a published work. Creating social novels, displaying of living of the middle class of the eighteenth century.

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  • A novelist Kazuo Ishiguro is one of the most celebrated contemporary Japanese-English fiction authors in the English-speaking world, having received four Man Booker Prize nominations, and winning the 1989 prize for his novel "The Remains of the Day".

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  • Biographical information about the life and work of the English writer, novelist and essayist Dickens. The beginning of a literary work. Advances in journalistic activities. The most famous works of the great writer, the perpetuation of the memory.

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  • The biographies of the most famous English writers. Robert Burns - the Bard of Scotland. Charles Dickens - one of the best English writers. William Somerset Maugham (writer, dramatist). William Shakespeare (the greatest playwright who has ever lived).

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  • Individually-author Mikhail Lermontov manner of writing poetry has become fundamental to the formation of species in his work of art functional style. Emotional, emotional-rhetorical and realistic styles define the essence of style writer's hand.

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