The idea of culture: Kant’s boundary of reason as an imperative in the education of a modern person

The culturological twist in modern science and practical activities implies the clarification of the essence of culture. Turning to the history of the philosophical thought, it is possible to trace the transformation of the understanding of culture.

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  • Differences between Greece and Rome, which did not allow the assimilation of Greek philosophy and science in the West in a historical spirit. Life in eudaimonia and freedom, which teleologically directs every person and citizen towards self-realization.

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  • Philosophical education - a tool that forms the graduate's qualities that anyone needs for a successful life in modern society. Determination of the value of the philosophical approach to the formation of professional competencies of the student.

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  • The problem of the influence of ancient philosophy of modern sciences through the prism of the doctrines of Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, Stagirite, Heraclides and Parmenides. Improving the soul through education and upbringing. Search for personal good.

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  • The problem which Kant faces in "The Schematism of the Pure Concepts of the Understanding" in his Critique of Pure Reason is that of explaining how "intuitions" (or what we might be tempted to call sense experiences) can be subsumed under "categories".

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  • A study of the prospects of teaching science to maintain social justice. The key works of Bukharin and Hessen at the Second International Congress on the History and Philosophy of Science in 1931 . Zilzel "On the social origin of modern science".

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  • The spread of Sufism outside the Islamic world. Study of the Sufi tradition in modern Russian philosophy, the essence of the concept of "ECOOP living knowledge" Kim Shilin. Influence of Sufi worldview tradition in the medieval philosopher St. Francis.

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  • Slavoj Zizek uses examples from popular culture to explain the theory of Jacques Lacan and also uses Lacanian psychoanalysis, Hegelian philosophy and Marxist economic criticism to interpret and speak extensively on immediately current social phenomena.

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  • Disclosure of the philosophical aspects of the formation of a unified system of knowledge in the context of globalization. Challenges, contradictions of modern education. Flexible synthesis of traditional and innovative in the educational process.

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  • The problem of essence of human being in the history of philosophy. Continuity of views on the nature of human being. The image of human in the Ancient, Christian, New Age and modern philosophies. Differentiation of social and biological in human being.

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  • A person - a universe of spiritual nature endowed with freedom of choice and constituting to this extent a whole which is independent in face of the world. The history and philosophical grounding of human rights - matters of lively scholarly debate.

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