The idea of culture: Kant’s boundary of reason as an imperative in the education of a modern person

The culturological twist in modern science and practical activities implies the clarification of the essence of culture. Turning to the history of the philosophical thought, it is possible to trace the transformation of the understanding of culture.

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  • Creation of a new as the most important social need of a person, its connection with purposeful practical activity. The study of nature, content, socio-functional orientation of the activity of a creative person for the development of modern civilization.

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  • The idea of transcendental analysis: Kant, Marburg Neo-Kantianism. The philosophy of culture as a separate field of research arises on the basis of the juxtaposition of nature and value. The uniqueness of objectivity of human being are existence.

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  • Integration of difficult cultural transformations to the processes occurring in a human body. Analogy of modern culture with his activity, namely activity of cells. Principle of "X-rays" as tools of metaphysical thinking and comprehension of culture.

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  • The role of science in the development of society and man. Development of information and digital reality, the emergence of new approaches in management theory. Formation of integrated thinking, introduction of scientific knowledge into the culture.

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  • The main tendencies of the development of religious education in modern Ukraine, for example, are the selection of the main philosophical and methodological approaches to teaching ("modern" and "postmodern"). Concept of dialogue-culturological project.

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  • Philosophical understanding of the phenomenon of loneliness. Reflection of a historical digression into the study of the problem of loneliness in philosophy. The development and changing of philosophical thought of the concept of loneliness phenomenon.

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  • Reveal of the essence of the eternal problem, comprehended by Augustine Aurelius in the culture of the early Middle Ages - the focus of the value orientations of the anthropological search. Relationship of reason, faith, knowledge in Christian culture.

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  • Clarification of the content of the concept of culture as an explication of vitality in the philosophy of life and its modifications in the problems of our time. The main categories of culture are: spirit, value, symbol, freedom, justice and harmony.

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  • Characteristics of the spiritual culture of the American Indians. Consideration of philosophical ideas in the mythology and folklore of the North American Indians. Features of the intellectual heritage of the culture of the indigenous population.

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  • Consideration of problems related to the search for a new paradigm for preparing a person for life. The necessary features of the modern "global student". The essence of changes in postgraduate education, which continue to occur in the modern world.

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