The idea of culture: Kant’s boundary of reason as an imperative in the education of a modern person

The culturological twist in modern science and practical activities implies the clarification of the essence of culture. Turning to the history of the philosophical thought, it is possible to trace the transformation of the understanding of culture.

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  • Discusses the problems of hermeticism. Study of the European philosophical tradition which is closely connected with mysticism, which is interpreted as cognitive activity, aimed at establishing an essential connection with the spiritual levels of being.

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  • Definition of impact of pre-modern, modern and postmodern globalization algorithms on comprehension of the universality of man, his understanding of his place in being as a unity with the Absolute and the prospects of the existence of civilization.

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  • Analysis of modern philosophical discourse. Identification of significant elements of the worldview of Gnosticism and analysis of how it was transformed or fit into the general structure of the worldview and value orientations of modern journalism.

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  • Analysis of the process of modernizing the model of philosophical education. A study of the turn towards applied philosophy as an educational and professional training program for a philosopher. Understanding the social process of knowledge production.

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  • An overview of Jean-Luc Nancy's philosophical thought to date which situates it within the broader context of contemporary European thinking. His understanding of space and spatiality; his thinking about the body and embodiment; his political thought.

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  • Analysis of the philosophical views of historical slavery. Understanding Slavery thinkers of ancient, medieval, Renaissance and modern times. Slavery as the main form of exploitation along with serfdom and wage labor. The concept of slavery in Marxism.

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  • "Ex-centering" of reality. The distinction and incompatibility between the thought and the real. Conjunction of idea and reality, in the shadow of the enlightenment and of modernity. The idea of simulacrum as a conceptual weapon against reality.

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  • The phenomenon of communication - the invariant that characterizes the most diverse approaches, theories and concepts in the field of modern anthropology. Conditions for the philosophical understanding of the communication of two existential "I".

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  • The philosophical and cultural significance of the concept of "sobornost’" in the cultural context of Silver Age and in the historical context of World War I. Clarification his own idea of collegiality and the ontological opposition of the title.

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  • Analysis of Kant's views in the aspect of contemporary discussions about social justice, their practical and political potential. Description of his understanding of a fair state system, international justice. Review of the contractual nature of equity.

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