Еlements of design for studying argumentation: the case of two ongoing research lines

The design for studying argumentation in two on ongoing research lines. Argumentation within the laboratory setting: the design of a piagetian test. The test of liquid conservation. Argumentation in the classroom: the case of problem solving in physics.

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  • The research of role behavior of spouses. Analysis of its characteristics. The factors determining role behavior, its types and the basic matrimonial roles. The studying of role behavior in marriages where both spouses realize the professional career.

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  • Assessment of the validity and reliability of projective psychodiagnostic techniques “Dynamic Emotional and Motivational Pattern”. The correlation coefficients between the levels of anxiety. Frustration of needs and self-identity. Such Lusher color test.

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  • Research of the impact of participation in the anti-terrorist operation on self-assessment, self-esteem and self-attitude. A program of psychosocial training for optimizing the self-attitude and self-esteem of operation participants who lost their health.

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  • The psychological aspect of the concept of "possession" in the context of the psychological influence on the perception of this phenomenon. The influence of religion on a person. Research of the students’ perception of the "possession" phenomenon.

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  • Design and application of psychological theories and empirical data towards understanding, predicting and countering behaviors either in friendly or enemy forces or civilian population. History and intelligence testing in the United States military.

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  • Conducting of the theoretical and methodological analysis research of the phenomenon of professional well-being, its contemporary and classic models and factors. The main approaches to determining the content and structure of the professional well-being.

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  • Consideration of the particularities of the value-context barriers of the technical students in the process of the humanities studying. Humanitarian training of future engineers of technical high school as well as students of other technical professions.

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  • Interactive architecture as a new trend in design, based on consumer and space communication. Familiarity with the features of an interactive environment. Consider ways to create a continuous connection between society and the built environment.

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  • Determination of nature, research of structure and study of types of human memory as a psychical function and type of intellection. Storage, accumulation and reproduction of information from memory. Features of vocal memory and research of hypnosis.

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  • Defining a model of social competences, distinguishing similar concepts and identifying the main problems associated with the wide use of terms. Consideration of the application of social competencies. Bringing an overview of promising research tasks.

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