Еlements of design for studying argumentation: the case of two ongoing research lines

The design for studying argumentation in two on ongoing research lines. Argumentation within the laboratory setting: the design of a piagetian test. The test of liquid conservation. Argumentation in the classroom: the case of problem solving in physics.

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  • Ways of looking at the World: Epistemological Issues in Qualitative Research. Consideration of research methodology in the works of psychologists of American Psychological Association Paul M. Camic, Jean E. Rhodes, Lucy Yardley, Elliot Eisner and others.

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  • Meta-design activities as the basis for the formation of the mechanism of appropriation of "cultural meanings". The implementation of the principles of student activity. The specifics of the semantic orientation of a high level of generalization.

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  • Acquaintance with the work of psychologists aimed at studying the career aspirations of the individual. Consideration of the results of empirical research of some tendencies characterizing the content of the career aspirations of the individual.

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  • Problems connected with methodological aspects of research of a phenomenon of subjective well-being. Separation of subjective well-being from close concepts. A choice of diagnostic toolkit for social and cultural context at the research construction.

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  • E.G. Abakarova’s new method of projective testing, the Bird Test, has a wide range of potential applications. Its stages: drawing and description of the bird; patient description of his medical history from birth to the present. Decoding of test results.

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  • Проблема использования в психологии метода анализа единичного случая (case study). Подходы к пониманию метода, которые обосновывают его исходя из систем отношений единичное–всеобщее и явление–сущность. Разные взгляды на применимость метода "case study".

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  • The acquisition of expert performance as problem solving: the role of working memory and comprehension of text. Motivating self-regulated problem solving. The fundamental computational biases of human cognition, implications of feeling and thinking.

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  • The differences between how think and communicate men and women. The dramatic findings of new research on the brain. A investigating evolutionary biology. Analyzing and studying social changes. Consideration of the reasons why men do not listen.

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  • The concept of extremism in connection with the concept of meaning in the case of trauma, stress, loss, transient research. Integrative description, classification and systematization. Extreme, manifested in metapseichological and ontological horizons.

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  • Familiarity with the development of methods for assessing the degree of victimization in adults. General description of how to develop test tasks for assessing the degree of victimization. Analysis of the personal qualities of a potential victim.

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