Еlements of design for studying argumentation: the case of two ongoing research lines

The design for studying argumentation in two on ongoing research lines. Argumentation within the laboratory setting: the design of a piagetian test. The test of liquid conservation. Argumentation in the classroom: the case of problem solving in physics.

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  • The emergence and spread of mental health problems. Characteristics and specificity of the factors affecting the mental health of the individual. The negative impact of demand on the employee's work and mental health. Evaluation of health and education.

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  • The Psychoanalytic Theory of Psychotherapevtic Change. Psychotherapy Manuals: A Small Revolution in Research and Practice. Expressive Techniques: Listening and Understanding, Responding and Listening Again. Variations and Adjuncts, analogic Summaries.

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  • Acquaintance with the main features and problems of studying the school skills of boys from 7 to 16 years old with a small mental dysfunction. Small mental dysfunction as a mild form of childhood encephalopathy, a general description of the causes.

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  • A person’s visible behavior as a result of a variety of influencing factors. The promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation in close human relationships - the purpose of interpersonal competencies. The main components of intrapersonal intelligence.

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  • Analysis of some aspects of nonverbal behavior of mentally retarded adolescents. Search for ways of correction of social-perceptual processes and behavior in real situations of interaction. Analysis of the method "Creating a non-verbal portrait".

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  • The analysis of psychological and legal aspects of the existential and humanistic problematics. Problems of attitude to life and death in juridical psychology. Knowledge of the main regularities of formation of the person as a highly organized being.

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  • Intuition as a common factor in psychotherapy, characterizing both psychotherapist and client functioning. Reviewing of existing model for intuition. A 5-phase model of intuition on a basis of the cognitive functions of pattern discovery and recognition.

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  • A general outline of aftercare. Structure of aftercare programs: therapy, etc. Description of the sheltered housing. The characteristics of the client of an aftercare centre, the rights and responsibilities of the client. Research concerning aftercare.

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  • Theoretical analysis of the formation of emotional stability of the personality is presented. Focused attention is on the conscious stage of the person's life - adult age - as a period of human maturity, the flowering of its potential and opportunities.

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  • Различия между количественными и качественными методами на различных уровнях. Преимущества и недостатки этих групп методов применительно к процессу изучения культуры организации. План совместного использования количественных и качественных методов.

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