On some pragmatic approaches to the formation of advertising English

Pragmatic peculiarities of the English advertising, the purpose of which is to sell products. New ideas and methods, broadly using the innovative approaches of information providing. Lexical and terminological features of English advertising language.

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  • Features of the use of euphemisms in the creation of pragmatic potential in the English-speaking media. Research and essence of the concepts of "pragmatic aspect" and "pragmatic potential". Consideration of the language of the ellipses, their education.

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  • General overlook of definition of advertising language. New agencies such as newspapers, radio, television. Features of the using linguistic devices in advertising texts with functional expressive features, stylistic devices and stylistic features.

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  • Research and analysis results of the attempts at disclosure features the use of euphemisms to create pragmatic potential in the english-speaking media. Consideration and characteristic features of language ellipse, which formed by several syntax.

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  • Study of the processes of euphemization in English on the themes of disease and death based on discourse materials in the mass media. Analysis of various lexical units of the substitute nature, the reasons for the active euphemization of the language.

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  • The study of the structural-semantic and functional characteristics of repetition in English text-announcements. Features of the implementation of informative and advertising functions of texts, announcements and their pragmatic effectiveness in general.

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  • English as official language in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Features of modern English. Basic stages of becoming of English. Description of functional classification of writing of the systems. Consideration of English orthography.

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  • Acquaintance with the national-cultural features of the English language in New Zealand. General characteristics of the main lexical and phonetic innovations that have arisen on the basis of the dialects of Great Britain, as well as the Maori language.

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  • English is the national language of England proper, the USA, Australia and some provinces of Canada. Features American English, local dialects in the USA, Canadian, Australian and Indian variants. The main lexical differences between the variants.

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  • Characteristics of the lexical component of aviation English. The defines the notion of aviation English and disclose the peculiarities of its vocabulary. Investigation of the lexical domains distinguished within Aviation English subset of the language.

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  • This article deals with the issues of teaching the lexis in the english language, also tackles the issue of the lexical aspect and the problems of selecting lexical material at different stages of training. Methods of teaching foreign languages.

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