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Practical techniques and ideas for classroom activities. Assumptions about learning. The role of TP on a teacher training course. Feedback on lessons. Eliciting, giving instructions and setting up activities. Students working outside the classroom.

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  • The presentation of the pedagogical content of the concept a modern teacher as a manager of a comprehensive educational institution. The aspects of the lecturer activities. The leading ideas of his training in the contemporary market of services.

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  • Studying the teachers’ training in the context of the formation of their professional competence, as readiness and ability to organize teaching and educational activities in comprehensive schools, in general, and education throughout life, in particular.

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  • Promote communicative competence, foster participatory attitudes of the students like one of the main benefits of using games in language-learning. A role-play as a typical simulation activity. The basic advantages of using games in the classroom.

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  • The principles and ways of forming speaking skills are described, as well as the methodology for using communication techniques, such as discussion, role play, improvisation and debates. Activities that contribute to the formation of speaking skills.

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  • The main informative characteristics of individual functions in the overall structure of the teacher’s activities. The usage of problem modeling in the educational activities of students. Development of the pedagogical abilities and active life position.

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  • Presents with examples functioning of democratic approaches the activities of students in the study of academic disciplines and methodological cycle passage of student teaching. Improving quality of formation of professional competence of teachers.

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  • Teaching methods and teacher learner roles. Intelligence types and appropriate educational activities. The fundamental dimension of learning style. The use of language learning strategies: a synthesis of studies with implications for strategy training.

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  • Reflection of the authors' experience of teaching English using problem-based learning (PBL) instructions. PBL principles and its application as a method of creating motivation and team-work skills. The importance English in problem-solving activities.

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  • The need for teachers to reconsider their teaching approaches and to reassess their roles in the English language class as a second language. Stimulating the curiosity and creativity of students with the help of thinking, tactics for solving problems.

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  • The value of motivation for learning English as a foreign language. Perception between teachers and students in each country. The role of personal relationships and understanding of Russian and Chinese teachers of their students in enhancing motivation.

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