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Practical techniques and ideas for classroom activities. Assumptions about learning. The role of TP on a teacher training course. Feedback on lessons. Eliciting, giving instructions and setting up activities. Students working outside the classroom.

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  • Theoretical and methodological rationale for preparing future foreign language teachers for self-education activities. The content, forms and methods of preparation for self-education activities that are effective in a multidisciplinary university.

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  • The main principles and the role of the teacher in language teaching. The study of the behavior of the educator and students in the classroom. Methodological approaches to teaching English today. The modern educationalists' potential repertoire.

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  • The communicative approach and activities. Drama and dramatic techniques. The value of drama in education. The use of drama in the TESL. Role-play and simulation. Advantages and disadvantages in the use of role-play and simulation in the ESL classroom.

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  • Analysis of principles of blogging implementation into the training of teachers-to-be simulates a real-life teacher-student interaction where the students are active participants in the process. Research of the role of blogging in future profession.

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  • The identification of the best methods and techniques enhance the creative activities of students in drawing the human figure. The dynamics of the artistic development of students in creative activities. Analysis of programs for fine arts and art work.

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  • The issue of boosting oral competency in EFL classrooms based on the creative content which comes from the teacher and learner. Student-centred and task-led communicative approaches. Creativity an utmost role in teaching and learning a foreign language.

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  • Learning a foreign language with the use of computer technology. General types and various purposes of teaching language technologies in face-to-face classes in the classroom and for independent work. Educational software, Internet-authentic materials.

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  • Historical background of CLT. Major characteristics of the communicative approach. Theory of language, of learning. Objectives, the syllabus. Types of learning and teaching activities. Learner and teacher roles and the role of instructional materials.

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  • Professional broadcasting as a compulsory component of professional readiness of students. Rationale for the need to meet the scientific and practical needs in shaping the culture of communication and ensuring the methodological training of teachers.

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  • Communication as a form of human interaction. Consideration of the most common "language mechanisms". Analysis Tips for Using communicative activities. Methods of Use various communicative activities in the school classroom no matter level of the pupils.

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